Present for DEAR AGONY Anime Wolves: If Everyone Cared 4 months ago   03:32

Kasya Fatum
Music: Christina Perri -- A Thousand Years
Moments: The Vampire Diaries 2, 4 s., White Collar 4 s., The Secret Circle, BBC Caribbean, Uncross the Stars, Victoria Justice - You're The Reason, Syrup

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Anime Wolves: If Everyone Cared Present for DEAR AGONY 4 months ago   03:35

Song: If Everyone Cared, by Nickelback.
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I hope this is a good step to helping the wolves. If you leave them be, they will live on. I believe that you shouldn't have to protect nature, you should just leave it alone! Trails are fine as long as you don't destroy the natural habitat. I would even support small buildings dotted throughout the woods as long as its not small woods dotted throughout small buildings.

I believe we Humans won't destroy the earth, we might just end up ruining it though. Like a world without these beautiful creatures.

There is this wonderful wolf documentary I found out a couple months ago. Here's the link: