The Young Turks try to pile on Steven The Single Biggest Logical Fallacy 1 day ago   11:09

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The Young Turks try to pile on Stephen Crowder. Regards, 🐻



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Comments 5216 Comments

Jerry G
TYT called my uncle a “loose cannon” because he wanted folks in his district to be able to defend themselves. They hate America, plain and simple
Familiar Stranger
Go the f%#@ to hell "Young Turks",,,you are garbage people with a mentally illness!!!!!
Familiar Stranger
Chill Out Mate24
The Young Turks are a bunch of assholes lol
Grassy Grass
Young Turks and Vox don't have friends so they have never had jokes made about them so they don't know how to handle it
marky mark
Carlos, all doctors agree, taking it in the ass is a deadly mix, for some sick weird twisted pleasure, all scientists agree taking it in the ass is not normal, even for animals
marky mark
Anna needs to be ass raped
marky mark
Turk's suck dick in hell, there a freak show, one a terrorist, one's dad's a tranny nut job sick phedofile, they all need to be hung for treason
"You have to ignore him..." Well don't mind me. *proceeds to click the subscribe button on Crowder's youtube channel*
Carlos Maza is just another irrelevant Mexican fagot. He just wants attention, so the best thing for YouTube to do at this point is to just fucking ignore him.
Cody Rawlings
If YouTube did apply it's policies consistently then it would be far-left platforms crying about censorship
Lokia Avernos
This isn't censorship. He just isn't getting paid to be a bigot anymore. He isn't a victim. Quit being part of the problem.
chelsea mccartney
Crowder goes out of his way by giving his opinion, but vox can openly ask people to dislike his videos and get him censored? WTF? Youtube used to be very clear on their policies until all the little crybabies that don't like facts came along and started whining about it to Youtube. geez!
Mack W.
Why does anyone care? At this point he might as well promise free ponies for everyone and wear a boot on his head.
David Fields
Crowder censors himself and isnt a blonde bitch
John David
Oh, I want the Angys bootie! Someone please hold me back!!😂😂😂
Dallas Jennings
So ana kasparian bitches about cultural appropriation but dyes her hair blonde
Ray Walker
The young turk Jews
Jeff Jankiewicz
Maza is just a whiny little BITCH, grow a set carlos. Ban vox......Watch BitChute grow....fuck YT and Google.
Jeff Jankiewicz
Crowder triggers the snowflakes all the time,LOL, Turks can go suck an egg. #MUGCLUB
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The Single Biggest Logical Fallacy The Young Turks try to pile on Steven 1 day ago   10:30

Steven Crowder debunks the Leftist logical fallacy of appealing to authority and identity politics.

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