What people had to say after trying Camel Milk Tasting - Gordon 1 day ago   01:50

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This week, a Scottish café announced it would be selling camel milk cappuccinos in aid of a project helping Kenyan traders.

So we took to the streets to find out what people thought of camel milk, and whether it could replace what they use in their morning brew.
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Maryam Al-ghazali
Part of my life I grew up drinking camel milk, I miss it dearly
Grebb Minor
Muslims drink their piss as well in some countries 🙄
RR Extra
CM 33
here in somalia we drink it everyday , nothing better then it fresh
AliHassan Ullah
Hi @The Independent. It is good you are raising awareness of the health benefits of camels milk. However, The camel milk you have purchased contains a stabiliser, emulsifier and a regulator. It also does not state the percentage of the whole camel milk on the ingredients section. Would really reccomend looking into Dessert farms, camel Milk which is 100% raw Camels milk. Which has no preservatives and is additive free. All the best.
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Camel Milk Tasting - Gordon What people had to say after trying 1 day ago   01:08

Janet Street Porter asks the diners on the F Word to taste camel milk.