A dog with a broken leg ran 30 blocks in extreme Epic puppy rescue - 18 feet 6 months ago   06:10

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This rescue was quite challenging. Echo was in so much pain, but he was so scared and he wouldn't surrender to us. Loreta and I ran so far we couldn't even tell anymore if we're running north, south, east or west. At one point we completely lost him, got back to the car, drove around, and then we spotted him!

Echo's injury was so bad and sadly we couldn't fix his leg, so it had to be amputated. He now looking for a loving forever home, so PLEASE share his video with your family and friends - he really deserves to have a home.

Thank you :-)




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Inces Echa
Raj Tupe
U made him run miles with that broken leg...I feel sorry he lost a leg
Prince Duties
He is scared
Cxldheärted DxrkPrínce
Echo- I needed more love, even tho i got 3 legs...thx for rescuing me, now i can trust u..
Yas Yas
Loretta 👌
Andrew Jeffrey
Look at those eyes, don't know how people can hurt them. Great days work people, thumbs up toes up everything up!!!!
Ahsan Rana
I want that lorettaaaa
Love from pakistan .
Tuth Ankamun
Cuting lag???
Bolang Klowor
Good job girl
Alice Moore
It amazes me how sweet and forgiving these animals are. Can you imagine being calm like that while being in that kind of pain?
Thank you once again for the work you guys do.. Shame he lost his leg but he's doing great.. God Bless you all..
Delightfullydemented65 PMRChater
"Why did I run away?" Because you are trying to stick me in a friggin cage motard! (Sorry Eldad, but you walked right into that one lol...I couldn't help it)
توتا العتيبي
بسام العواضي
Akash arya
1 like for your effort
D Safety
Whoah.....anyone else want this dog....
I do.
Eian Martinez
She didn’t have to grab him by the neck like that though
مكتب المميز
Anna Natalia
What happened?
LEGO Star Wars Studios
If they tried to rescue my dog he would be really scared, and run away until he got tired, he would let you guys catch up, and run away again!
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Epic puppy rescue - 18 feet A dog with a broken leg ran 30 blocks in extreme 6 months ago   16:29

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This video is in memory of our dear friend and rescuer: Lisa M Ashe.

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