As Seen On TV Car Gizmos TESTED! Ant On A Rubber Rope Paradox 5 months ago   10:50

Household Hacker
Are these Car Gadgets worth your money and do they work? We took some interesting "As Seen On TV" Car Gizmos and tested them to see if they are worth your time and money. Today's tests include the Air Hawk Pro cordless tire inflator, RainBrella windshield treatment, Micro Mechanic OBD2 car code reader, Windshield Wonder microfiber glass cleaner, and the infamous Egg Sitter support cushion!

Join us as we find out if these AS SEEN ON TV products really work!

Air Hawk Pro -
Micro Mechanic -
Egg Sitter -
RainBrella -
Windshield Wonder -

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Household Hacker
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You earned the like with the Egg yolk xD
Frank Mart
I saw poop when the guy got up 😂🤣😂
Fotógrafo das estrelas
Hey ya should do a cleaning products testing, like Cif or other famous brands that are always on tv or supermarket.
Thx 4 the vid!
lúcio correia dos santos
oof blinker fluid? you missed such a nice oppurtinity to like excite any redvsblue fans in your audience with headlight fluid jokes
4:08 oh my
Bozhidar Kostov
Did anyone see the chair at 3:47 ?
Terri Mills
P, b
Kathy Lassalle
DatsikxLust _
They were legit sticking eggs up there ass
Sling Blade
After you cooked the egg I called bullshit
Isaac Barnett
So why didn’t you find a car with a check engine light. The whole point of the device is to help with that issue and you just showed that it can be used as a HUD.
id awdwa
3:48 he pooped on the seat, youll see it if you look
Skyler Parson
Did anyone notice he said make out instead of tryout
khalifa almansoori
MI mi
khalifa almansoori
Tahir Makes
3:48 theres a poop on the seat xD
seaweed 33
I’ve got those same plates you used
sam sera
Ian Scaife
That was a world of Warcraft reference
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Ant On A Rubber Rope Paradox As Seen On TV Car Gizmos TESTED! 5 months ago   13:58

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