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CSGOG mystery bonus item Spin Master Air Hogs Vectron Wave. This was in the box with a toy hovercraft I picked up in a charity shop. I have checked online and it is one of those hovering toys that you control by moving your hand underneath it. It has an infrared LED undeneath and a detector to control it's height above any object (your hand or the floor etc).

OLD AMAZON LINK for information - item no longer available
Spin Master Air Hogs Vectron Wave ? Red & Black
by Spin Master
Link: http://amzn.in/9aKnU5f

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Camera Canon Powershot SX60 HS
Editor Serif MoviePlus X6

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Jag Betty
Thought you were going to take out one of your lipo batteries from a helicopter to see it work! Good Work though GDad.
It is working very well (technically spoken). Look up the manual online, I did too. Make sure that when the rotor runs, the chassis does not turn around (remove the sticker, make sure you have resistance on the floor). The software is programmed to first see and try if it can lift off. If it can, it will go higher and higher. I have one too, but actually don't fancy playing with it. Just bought it because I can. Electronics geek, you know .. ..
Have got one of these. Yep, has a sensor for the hand or ground and 1 for walls. Built a copy with no COB...it just increased power if the bottom I/R sensor detected 'dark', or I should say, output depended on the throughput of the sensor to the motor as resistance. I used an I/R send and receive pair.
What was the original supposed to do about walls ? lol, it's still a wall right up to the ceiling !
Risk Nova
I had this toy when i was a kid it flys on your paum
boss hogg24
Uncle can I connect small music ipot circuit in rc car
Hi uncle
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Getting Started with Your CSGOG mystery bonus item 5 months ago   01:01

Tips for getting started with your Air Hogs Vectron Wave.

The Air Hogs Vectron Wave is an Unbelievable Flying Object! Wave Control altitude-sensing technology allows it to rise up and hover over any hard surface. No remote control required!

Take your Vectron Wave experience to the next level with more advanced moves like using your feet, knees and even shoulders. Or use the attachable catch sticks and toss it with a friend to play catch.

Learn more about the Vectron Wave: www.airhogs.com/site/product/vectron-wave

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