DIY HOT Wheels Race Truck Powered HOT WHEELS SUPER SLIDE!!! 2 months ago   05:05

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DIY HOT Wheels Race Truck Powered by 2x CO2 Cartridges

In today's video I show you how to make wooden hot wheels truck powered by 2x CO2 cartridges. It got too much power, so as result the truck is quite unstable. Anyway, we get interesting race between 2017 race car model and 2018 truck. Who wins?
Also, we made automatic launchers for each car to let them start at the same time.

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wiyana p
Ma'am tai
Karim9899 YouTube
Why there is global warming
The truck may have more weights at the back wheels to balance the force 🤔🤔
Salcoci Cristian
Salcoci Cristian
Tatiane Fernandes
Como eu posso fazer e isso
Adim Daru pratama
Taitai I
oh yeah im just gonna cut my exacto knife off LMAO
dj kimsan
Nicolas Tolentino Jimenez
Nicolas Tolentino Jimenez
03 f
نشوان سالم
نىمىن. زوكزحت. كتملموموم. كتمامل. ن
Garjete Shem
Soooo cool
Jessica Walizer
Oh gosh thats cool
Алексей Грищук
о класно
Ma. Kristina Garcia
kemoturk. Harika 👍👍
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HOT WHEELS SUPER SLIDE!!! DIY HOT Wheels Race Truck Powered 2 months ago   03:27

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