Mike Pompeo slams 'disgusting' Pompeo: Maduro was ready to leave. 1 day ago   08:12

Sky News
The US secretary of state said "no leader from a country with Western democratic values ought to stand behind" Nicolas Maduro.

Mike Pompeo earlier made the same damning statement during a news conference in London with Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, where they also addressed the controversy surrounding the Chinese tech giant Huawei.

Unlike the UK government, Labour has refused to condemn Mr Maduro and his regime.

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Comments 359 Comments

Mike pompeo is an odious human being, who cannot be trusted, the slime of the trail of terror follows all of his trips to the Middle East. What happened to the brutal murder and chopping up of a Saudi journalist in a Saudi embassy in turkey, no comment from him
Nurul Ansari
UK is USA colony.
I wish Jeremy Corbyn become UK PM, he will do justice with British people.
Emily Sophia
It’s a shameless hypocrisy about US interfering in elections or national affairs of many countries in the world.
Our US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced publicly that the US will do everything possible to make sure that Jeremy Corbyn does not become the UK's next prime minister.
For the last 100 years until today US has been interfering in elections or national affairs of many countries in the world.
why doesnt this Trump yes man keep his mouth out of UK politics and try getting his own in order. its a bit rich him comparing Corbyn with Russia after the help his president got from them. typical of a Murdoch channel to give him freedom to do so.
zena x
Pompe is the talmud following zionist pig.
Paul Albin
Fake news.
Cecil Fesanie
British ministers don't won't to be on Israel s payroll anymore.
Kris Keeling
Jeremy corbyn knows the u.s agenda too well to get on pomps death train .
richard smith
prat.... yes I mean both of them
This is a perfect example how the UK media channels have become totally inept at news presentation, interviewing this criminal and not even challenging his statements.
Francis Madden
Immm can't wait ,, chlorinated chicken. lots of killer opioids. more wars.
Manufactured artificial schizophrenia inflicted on a human being against their will is a human rights crime Its torture.The television industry as a group must resign and face court action.Its not a joke it is abuse its human exploitation Its planned theft of a human life.
Razu Duplicate
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Razu Duplicate
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Cnea jnea
The people of the UK have a good relationship with Trump. The mainstream meda in the UK(BBC and others) and the politicians(tiny little portion of the public, with too much voice) are the ones creating this media narrative that the UK doesn't like Trump. All the same people in the UK who have dictated down at the british public, as they try to overturn the 'leave' vote. After the Brexit party goes in and cleans out all the corrupt politicians in the UK, the relationship will start to show a higher approval of Trump, due to anti-Trump censorship being lifted ...
Malcolm Bush
This interview was certainly made very easy for Pompeo, no mention of sanctions where it could have raised questions. Any one who has any interest in such matters, will know his words are meaningless lies. This reminds me of the days before the invasion of Iraq. This man puts the whole world in danger.
Mark pompeo is a disgusting terrorist warmonger
Usman Arshad
A warmonger is speaking!
Farhad Drafsh
the most disgusting person i have ever seen
Gene Shepherd
This is called election tampering
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Pompeo: Maduro was ready to leave. Mike Pompeo slams 'disgusting' 1 day ago   12:18

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tells CNN's Wolf Blitzer that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was preparing to leave his country, but was talked out of it by Russia. #CNN #News