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There is a historical connection between the Jewish people and the land of Israel. The connection goes back over three thousand years. The land of Israel is continually mentioned in prayers, literature, art and song. The Hebrew language, alphabet and archaeological evidence further cement this strong historical link. Whether or not you feel the connection between Israel and the Jewish people is legitimate, that fact remains that it exists, and Genesis 15 is the chapter that made it all happen.

About Dr. David Neiman:

Dr. David Neiman (1921-2004) was an internationally renowned scholar, speaker, and writer who inspired many people. His life's work concerned the intricate relations between Christianity, Islam, and Judaism throughout history and in modern times. Dr. Neiman made history come alive through his dramatic presentations and unique interpretations. In light of our current world situation, Dr. Neiman's work is not only extremely relevant but also remarkably prescient. More than anything, Dr. Neiman was a keen observer of the human condition. His words convey our shared history with clarity, humor, and humanity.

Dr. Neiman was the first Jewish scholar appointed to teach Religion at Boston College, one of America's leading Catholic Universities. He served as Professor in the Department of Theology for a quarter of a century. While there he was also invited to teach at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. After retiring from Boston College, Dr.Neiman moved to Los Angeles, where he taught at Loyola Marymount University, St. John' s Seminary in Camarillo and the University of Judaism in Bel Air.


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Eduardo Costa
Where's the rest of the video? With the part where your father doesn't seem a bigoted zionist that claims God gave jews that land so screw the palestinians/arabs/goim? You should be ashamed. This is disappointing and degrades your father's memory.
Meine Ehre Heißt Treue
Long before any religions and forever into the future an injustice will always remain an injustice that will either deplete your property or deplete your virtue.
Marcus Rhodes
Thank you so much for sharing this with us.  Please ignore the voices of evil that condemn you.  You have a lot of support out here.
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05 Crusades: Peter the Hermit The Land 6 months ago   03:40

In 1066 the Normans conquered England at the Battle of Hastings. The Norman French were on the warpath. The Pope decided to harness this power for his own end. In 1095 Council of Claremont called where Peter the Hermit stirs up support for an invasion of the holy land in order to capture the Holy Sepulcher.