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Phil Murphy on millionaire's tax: 2019 Budget Address - Governor Phil Murphy unveiled his first state budget during an address to the state Legislature at the Statehouse in Trenton on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 laying out how his plan for how New Jersey will spend your tax dollars.

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Barbara Merlo
Fast forward as of December 2018 5,700 millionaires moved out of jersey...his budget has a major short fall
God Father
Kevin Tate
Glad I am out of here. You don't care about the middle class. I want more taxes and let's give financial aid to illegals and screw the citizens of jersey. Then he will wonder why so many hard working people from New Jersey leave. My family in New Jersey is struggling to make it and the answer is to raise taxes yet again. The one worker income is no longer there. You need 2 incomes to just make it. Connecticut did a millionaire tax and guess what. They left the state. They will leave New Jersey and then the burden goes to the working class because the undocumented workers do not pay taxes. They get the benefit of social services though. Now college assistance. Thanks to the government that has run New Jersey for the last 20 years or so it is failing. They just don't get it. Tax tax tax. Big plans and spending that the state can not afford continues. Next year when there is a large shortfall because of the millionaires that have left the state you the working class will again face another tax increase that will hurt your family even more. So sad. They get away with this. Also the voters need to wake up and take back our state from these monsters ruining it. Good luck!
So this phony liberal douchebag who made millions on Wall Street wants New Jersey to lose more people and tax dollars to other states.
You go Murph!
Angie Auger
As soon as we retire we are moving out of NJ. The rich will leave to lower tax areas.
Millionaires will move or park their money elsewhere .
Murphy is a JACKASS
JERKY MURPHY believes illegal immigrants are dreamers
Petey Pop
Puked a lil watching this.
Thats what you get NJ for electing a Democrats, expect more stupid crap like this one.
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Using Home Equity to Buy Investment Phil Murphy on millionaire's tax: 4 months ago   05:23

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