X Project - Conquering Lion - Dub Plate Roni Size - All The Crew Big Up' 3 months ago   04:37

X Project - Conquering Lion - Dub Plate Special
Excellent 1993 Jungle track from Michael West (Rebel MC / X- Project / Conquering Lion etc).

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Justin Wood
Big up the Roast massive
Movado Ox
Classic,big big tune💥🔥🔥
Ji ving
Holy good fuck
Ben Thorndycraft
Does anyone know the sample at 1:40. I am on the hunt for an old darkside-y tune that had it in. Thanks in advance!
Neo Sneed
Don Goliath
b o o m
big big big
that song is called "love taken over" by Chante Moore
it a soul record from the same era when this boom! tune was made. cant remember the babe who sang it by its called 'love taken over'
anyone know what the sample is called at 2:08
I thought this tune was called set it?
oh no, u didn't, oh my dayz, u fuckin did! U know u get tapes and u get tunes and then u get mickeybeam, who constantly sorts u out with THAT id uv aaaalways been after! Big up mickey, respect man
classic tune
Guns Cars and Digits
Office rave stage 2.
Thumbs up ! :D Quality ! Luv it ! thx 4 upload :)
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Roni Size - All The Crew Big Up' X Project - Conquering Lion - Dub Plate 3 months ago   05:49

Roni Size - All The Crew Big Up'.
Classic jungle track from Roni Size which first started getting played out in and around 1994 and released on V recordings in early 95.