New GTR Quarter Panel Is HERE!! And it's Finding Out I Got Scammed... 8 Years Later.... 5 months ago   11:06

B is for Build
In todays episode we go on a mission to retrieve our quarter panel and do some suspension work.
Thanks to Radical Tuning for helping us out with this quarter, you can find them here:

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Fareoh - Cloud Ten

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B is for Build
uhh i guess i messed up the publish time? oh well not taking it down, enjoy guys!
chris kayer
Really into this channel right until you feel the need to slam customs on don't know what they deal with on a daily basis and we can't all play mechanic for a living. Some people actually put themselves in danger to earn money.
Jeremy Duncan
Junkyard quarter clip next time please. Make things tons easier.
jeff fallowfield
You are at the boarder
Rockin' the Disneyland Spirit Jersey!
David de Zeeuw
Dude.. This is the 1st time ive ever watched your videos but your enthusiasm is infectious!!! Subs straight away..
Customs also deals with drugs. Just saying.
1:30 Baby boy is scared of guns? Laughable.
Moose knuckle
The Henshin Guy
put some weight in the left of the trunk or something... or make both side fibre carbon dude
shoutout at the boys of Radical Tuning, solid fella to go out of their way to do that
Finnegan Swanson
Is this man watching Dr. Lupo at 8:31 lol
Bernard Thomas
D is for Disneyland. Love that Disney merch!
Tobias Farkas
4:56 😍 🇭🇺 ici-pici [itzi-pitzi] where does this come from? I never heard it from an English mouth :D I taught that's only a hungarian word thing that means little-little bit
Damien Leggatt
Haha yeah when I pay custom tax, the dude at parcel force doesn’t have a gun 😂😂😂
Love watching this build! One of my favs... Great job bud, keep it up...
Oxy Saint
I wish I could do this type of work. I'm disabled, had brain surgery, have brain trauma & I'm paralyzed on my right side of my body. I'd love to get off of disability, make videos, live off of youtube. If you're reading this, please live your life to the fullest & make every day count.
Tanner M
You do realize they are protecting more then your fenders right ? This is why I can stand some of the stuff you say or do. You shouldnt be worried about it unless you are going to do something wrong.
Jack Gibson
Freaks out about federal agents having guns. Chil bro
Dawson Maddox
"Its ridiculous that federal agents carry guns"... What 😂
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Finding Out I Got Scammed... 8 Years Later.... New GTR Quarter Panel Is HERE!! And it's 5 months ago   15:13

Wish it weren't true, but years later I found out that my "lightly built" LS, wasn't so lightly built at all... Don't let the same thing happen to you. On the bright side she's going to rip now!

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