Ring Rees-Mogg On The Local Election Jacob-Rees Mogg shows Jess 2 days ago   40:48

After a disappointing local elections for the Conservatives, Jacob Rees-Mogg hosts his own LBC show to talk to listeners. What will he blame for their council losses?

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Eugene Flanagan
I bought a scratch card. it never won. i asked the shop for another scratch card with the same money.. but he said no. why?
stephen cornwell
Ah the elusive pimpernel they seek him here they seek him there , why have all these brexiteers not joined nigel mr davis ,jacob,boris there parties have gone anyway
John Wade
I'm not entirely convinced that chap at 36 minutes was telling the truth.
Rees-Mogg is a boring, Nationalistic, staid public school boy. PLEASE LET HIM IN.
8 million of the 16 million remainers were Londoners.

Londoners who take tax off the rest of the country and invest it only in themselves and wonder why they are rich and the rest of the country is in poverty.
I am not voting if the only options are Tory / Labour / Green / LD, these should be routed out of politics.
May, Merkel and Macron MUST be jailed for life for betraying there Country
UKIP and Batten used Tommys Popularity to gain members, which they did BUT on the other hand, they lost members because of Tommy........ so it backfired to UKIP now batten try to distance himself from Tommy
Phil Rothwell
It is a shame Jacob lost his integrity when he changed his mind on Mrs Mays so called deal.......
Hello, Dutch person responding. Hearing people say that they voted for parties they didn't like out of a concern that their votes might otherwise be spoilt, which would be in favor of whomever the biggest party ends up being, makes me reaffirm my conviction that people should be able to vote blank if they feel they are not being presented by the available parties and that a sufficient amount of these blank votes should result in an empty seat in parlement.
Now we are getting a situation in which people in certain districts only have the option of voting LibDem or Green as a third option, and those votes are now being interpreted as being pro-EU.
James Kinsella
Could not agree more with the gentleman for Scotland
Ya Ya mon
It's not democracy as we know it jim
Jack Grimes
The penultimate caller hit the nail on the head. I believe most remain voters (like me) were voting to maintain the status quo. They were voting for things to stay as they are, where things are still relatively stable within the EU. What we did not not realise, because we had not done the research, is that the EU as it is right now is only at one stage of its development. If you look into the EU project's history as I did, because of my uncertainty, and especially its intended destination you will be very frightened indeed. I would rather be free and poorer than where the EU wants to take us. Part of the ultimate plan is that the UK is to be split into two regions, there will be no UK. One region will comprise the East of Scotland and England to join with parts of Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium and Northern France, the other region will be the West of Scotland, Wales and part of the South West of England are to join with Northern Ireland and Ireland. All EU member states will be just that, regional parts of a "Supra National" state. This isn't even a secret, research it for yourself, the information is there. I could not believe what I came across and some of the indicative evidence is already in place. There are no borders in the EU, one can already drive all the way across the EU countries and see nothing to indicate you have changed countries, other than a road sign. There is already only one (rapidly failing) currency. So many member states are being impoverished, not just Greece. Italy has recently declared itself as officially in recession, Ireland is struggling, Spain and Portugal have massive youth unemployment, and on and on. This is really happening, please wake up and smell the coffee, don't just poo poo it as unbelievable (which it is!) look into it for yourself and prove me wrong. I don't want to be ruled by a foreign, unelected and unremovable power. I want my vote to count. I want the right to self determination and most of all I do not want to betray all of those men, women and children, some of them in my own family, who gave everything, even their lives, over the years to keep this country free.
Charles Spencer
Mogg surrendered faster to Mays surrender deal, faster than the Argies did in the Falkland war...a TRAITOR.
the bobbs
Jacob Rees-Mogg will unfortunately be remembered for voting for May's attempt to shackle Britain forever as a vassal state within the EU. He lost all credibility in that moment. History will forever condemn him as the Viscount Halifax of this generation. The only way he could possibly redeem himself is to admit to his moment of weakness and join his sister in the unapologetic Churchillian Brexit Party
More like 60% want a hard brexit now..
Idiot 1st caller... doh maybe UKIP didn't offer candidates this time in most areas...
Tom Hermens
Like to know what happened to MS Rees Mogg and her Brexit involvement!!! Was she got at by the Tories???
Sam Ludendorff
Jacob Rees-Mogg 4 PM
i don't agree with Mr Jacob Rees-Mogg Comments about Tommy Robinson.
but understand why he's doing it.because we know it takes but one wrong word
and your career is over . and we need all the Moggs we can get on our side.
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Jacob-Rees Mogg shows Jess Ring Rees-Mogg On The Local Election 2 days ago   08:12

Newly elected Labour MP Jess Phillips travelled to Somerset with Conservative Jacob Rees-Mogg. She was investigating whether a Corbyn-led party could ever win the constituency back.
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