My Salvage Auction Audi R8 is Completely My WRECKED Ferrari 458 gets NEW Front 5 months ago   10:30

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So....which is better the RS7 with a zillion horse power or the nicely balanced R8 with less?

The earth is flat.
tom mot
you didn't fix the tire check light?
Love the sound of an Audi V8! Good video btw!
Jon Jimmy
All these videos and still haven’t said how much $ you’re into the R8 for. Lame.
sony z
Good job sam. I kind of knew you would have done it.
I hope some day i can come to you and see rebuilding a new car.
Ps. Sorry about my English if it has problem i,m from another country.
Reece Tam
What do you do with all the cars you rebuild? I imagine you sell most of them, but some you might keep? Like this one?
knuckles zedawg
"completely rebuilt"?!!

pff yeah whatever... Welding up a crack, smashing the windscreen with a hammer, and making an arse of simply putting a set of wheels on it is not considered to be fully rebuilt imo :-D

Oh, and learn to drive a manual or else you'll be rebuilding the clutch next haha
Jeff Scott
For the love of God! Reset the TPS light!
Rickey Barnes
As much as you work on cars , you should invest into a car lift! That being said, I just love your YouTube channel, so informative!
Do a nissan r35 gtr next!
Thumbs up.  I like your enthusiasm.  Keep up the great work.
Bat Guano
Wait... did I miss something? How much did you spend in total on the car, specialist services and parts and how many hours of labor did you perform to finish this car?
You previously said a used 2010 Audi R8 with 40,000 miles costs around $85,000 if I remember right. The 2010 Audi R8 starts at a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail price of roughly $117,500 with the manual transmission or $127,000 if you check the R tronic box. The new 5.2 V10 trim with the manual transmission starts around $150,000 and tops out around $170,000 for a fully loaded R8 5.2 automatic.

You going to sell it?
The engine sounds so good.
You hit the windshield lol
Matthias _
The frame seems still to be bend. The gap to the wheel on the left side is much lower than on the right.
Matthias _
The frame seems still to be bend. The gap to the wheel on the left side is much lower than on the right.
Jrom T
3:16 shows us that O face
Eric Kim
Do a paint correction/detailing at some point!!
spike little
Also you have opened my eyes to never ever buy a BLACK car 😀 they get dirty and dusty so easerly 👎👎 😀😀😀😀😀😀
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My WRECKED Ferrari 458 gets NEW Front My Salvage Auction Audi R8 is Completely 5 months ago   13:01

get your dash cam here:

I fly out to Sacramento, CA, to check up on the progress on the Ferrari. The car has been at the frame for less than a week and already had most of the work done, putting us ahead of schedule!

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