My Salvage Auction Audi R8 is Completely My WRECKED Ferrari 458 gets NEW Front 2 months ago   10:30

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So....which is better the RS7 with a zillion horse power or the nicely balanced R8 with less?

The earth is flat.
Please don’t sell it! Lel
Matthias _
Don't you tink the front left looks lower than the right? Looks to me like as the frame is still bent
Moe Zainal
I have enjoyed watching this series, the best part of it is where you've proven that "the engineers/experts" were wrong xx
Matthew Scott
It seemed like you were joking about the candy but she sounded so disappointed and immediately grabbed it
Liam Behnke
How much did he spend on it??
Bob Ross
That sound is exciting
I liked the older rims better.
Is it just me that cannot hear a difference with the exhaust valve open or closed?
Matthias _
Something is not right. The front of the car is much lower on the drivers side
Matt Blanco
Entertaining for sure. Would I trust this guy with my 91 Ford Taurus. He'll no. Do yourself a favor. Invest in a proper shop lift. Air compressor. Power washer and a few auto collision repair classes.
So happy! My favorite car of yours, and my absolute favorite car over all.
stop slipping the clutch so much dude it hurts
Ken Bowen
Nice videos...... I was just wondering why you never say how much you have in these high end vehicles.
Ro lf
Is that like smoke coming out of your exhaust? Doesn't the engine sound a bit rough?
Adam Kessler
needs tints!
If you ever sell this I want i am in tampa. You did great job on this car
L Bro
I love you +Samcrac, but your gear shifting is awful mate lol. You'll ruin that clutch, did you 'coast' too at 3:20 (put the clutch totally down and roll)? :\
That TPMS sensor though
Matt Lundell
Are you secretly related to lil dicky? You guys look similar and you keep referencing how you gotta "save that money"...
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My WRECKED Ferrari 458 gets NEW Front My Salvage Auction Audi R8 is Completely 2 months ago   13:01

get your dash cam here:

I fly out to Sacramento, CA, to check up on the progress on the Ferrari. The car has been at the frame for less than a week and already had most of the work done, putting us ahead of schedule!

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