My Salvage Auction Audi R8 is Completely My WRECKED Ferrari 458 gets NEW Front 2 weeks ago   10:30

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So....which is better the RS7 with a zillion horse power or the nicely balanced R8 with less?

The earth is flat.
Beautiful car was great to follow the build and enjoy keep up the great vids love your content 💪
Aventador build next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Matthijs Leussink
i had the same with my 20" concave Rotor wheels on my A8.. it fitted perfectly until i changed brake-pads..
Fiat Multipla
3:52 Prius driver is crying
thugbir singh
sam cant drive stikkk lol
How much did he pay for the car originally, then how much did he spend? Does he say?
Such a rookie mistake smashing the windscreen
Ken Kulig
One beautiful car!
Dean Boshoff
The sound of that car gives me goosebumps
Jimmy Pod
How much did you end up putting into it?
Cool car. But please dont wash your car with that shit 😂 its an R8 ffs 😉
Bruno Vinicius Hermes da Costa
Yeah, it was cracked, but you are SamCrac, right?
AlienWare Ninja
Anyone ever tell you that you look exactly like Adam Sandler 🤔
Eddie Aboussie
Powder coat those rims, that’d look sick
Jan Vladimir Mostert
Take your upvote, great job!
Daniel Dahlinger
Moto Noob
cheapest? If you dock your time I am sure it is on par with a used one I can buy online...I am amazed at how you fixed this car but to say "the cheapest" is gimmicky ...yes at the cost you bought it for it was very cheap. Not many people have your skills or resources...or TIME to put in to this car. How many hours total did you spend on it?
Joshua Ashley Setiawan
It was fun to see how you rebuild the r8, well done 👍
Wrecked Pranks
This is why I love buying salvage titled vehicles. It’s fun rebuilding them, enjoying them and then reselling them :)
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My WRECKED Ferrari 458 gets NEW Front My Salvage Auction Audi R8 is Completely 2 weeks ago   13:01

get your dash cam here:

I fly out to Sacramento, CA, to check up on the progress on the Ferrari. The car has been at the frame for less than a week and already had most of the work done, putting us ahead of schedule!

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