Smash Or Pass!! Youtuber Edition THE MOST HILARIOUS FEMALE YOUTUBER 2 weeks ago   22:39

Bytheculture Valentino

Koriyan Channel

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Lou Valentino
Toxic Music Video Out Now!!
lol she sooo jealous haha. She made this game so hard
Jasmine Carter
You like them girls that’s skinny with a funny shaped fake ass?!
Charlie Cody
No no no jaylaaaa 😭 I love ur channel & have been watching you for ever buttt. I think the way she said it coming off distasteful kind of like... hating I hate to say it but yea. ALL WOMAN ANY SIZE ARE BEAUTIFUL!
jamila gillette
"I would kill your shiiits" Jayla deff was ok with that 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 but i mean BBW isnt a bad thing
Carla Carla
Yes he said that about skinny girls! But he is a guy he has a preference! But when SHE said that about BBWs it was just her throwing shade. Because it’s not like she has a preference of girls so why speak on BBWs at all, it’s not up to her to judge a woman. If she wasn’t mad that he liked BBWs She could have just stuck to saying her preferences of men and not comment on what he likes.
Nikeya Washington
I love jayda but she screaming in this video .. like inside voice luv 😭😭💀
LMAOOOOO 😂💀 His impersonation of McQueen 😂😂
Taylor Jones
Some stuff shouldn’t be said I’m sorry!
XO Neeka
Might as well delete this whole video because everyone and their momma butt hurt 😭😭😭😂🙄
He said BBW and all the obese girls think he talking about them lmaoooo ... there’s a difference smh
SuSu C
Y'all need to just be together...even her dog feeling you lol
Brandi Christina
Why are y’all so mad about this bbw comment? 😂😂 everyone is entitled to their own opinion/preference. CUT IT OUT 😂
Ash M
Jayla baby’ you need some meat on them bones! How dare you make a comment about BBW’s and you are skin and bones! And you’re a gorgeous girl, but you look nothing like Kennedy . Stoppp!
Janea Harris
Nah I love jayla but when she said nah that’s to big that made me think like wow that’s crazy she def shouldn’t never said it like that ..... idc I’m BBW & sexy af
Dulce Flower
“I’ll kill yo shit” LMAOOOOOOOOOO 😭😭😭😭😭 love my ny niggas
Shantel Song
She is so pretty you guys are so funny lmfaoooo
jayla would def smash mcqueen... she lying lol
I mean all disrespect when I say this...why is it always the fat bitches offended by some shit...look fatty if you over the age of 20 and your fat...chances are you have been fat your whole fucking life...get over yourself...fuckkk
natalya corley
her bbw comment was rude
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THE MOST HILARIOUS FEMALE YOUTUBER Smash Or Pass!! Youtuber Edition 2 weeks ago   34:11



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