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WHATEVER YOU’RE DOING RIGHT NOW, STOP! Step into ’Sonder’- a visual journey capturing spectacular views from above and below some of Ireland’s national treasures and tourist havens! Take a step back through the history of our beautiful country exploring the troubles of our past and the rising of our future! It’s food for the soul and music to your ears as it encapsulates that Irish sense of humour through the voices and thoughts of our nation’s people. Whether you’re a jackeen from the city, a culchie from the sticks, a sports fanatic, an avid historian - or none of the above, this short film offers something for everyone! Sit back, relax and prepare yourself for an overwhelming sense of pride or an inherent need to visit this great and green country of Ireland!
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Beautiful Video of my Beautiful Country ☘.
Jamie Fraser
Living in China and this video offers the next best thing to home. Eiré abú ☘️
Marcela Oyarce
Really, BEST VIDEO on Ireland Ive seen already. Been looking these for weird reasons. I feel Ive lived there one time who knows when. The moment i heard irish Music years ago I knew something that I dont know... Watching this beautiful beautiful video and hearing that lovely accent i just say, have to go there soon !
Janette Davis
Co Offaly. did u know that Birr had the largest telescope in the world until 1965 its still on Rosse Castle grounds. Go see it lovely tea room there.
Janette Davis
Ah Come on ,Where is County Offaly formerly known as Kings County. Clonmacnoise I think and Tullamore
Atsuko Livernois
Amazing beautiful ! The swans & the ocean & the greens & the deers in Phoenix Park ! The one came close to the camera with a pride was/ is the most gorgeous deer w/ antlers I've ever seen! What a beauty! What a face ! And the grace of the body's movements!!! The human statute w/ realistic eyes was a bit freaky, though! Lol. Music loving ,love making loving Irish!
Kriss Hensley
This is my "number one" on my bucket list as they say. Heaven willing, before I pass I want to go home after one-hundred and fifty years or so. The video and the music are perfect and sets me to tears. American Faminer. And yet you smile and haven't lost your beauty despite your(our) history.
Jamie McColgan
Very well made and proud to be Irish! however, not really sure why you did not include Derry or north Donegal considering they are massive places of interest in Ireland as a whole. Maybe next time.
Eoin Flood
Believe it or not...watching this video inspired me to move home about two years ago. You have got it all of the best parts of being from Ireland absolutely spot on! Beautifully shot! Well done
Danos Stories
Erzsebet Császár
This video is beautiful, Ireland is perfect.
Michelle Volkfire🔥
Have more children! The world needs more Irish💞
Jim Johns
Even a bit about the UK...
Uli Spyros
Amazing Video, I love Ireland
Super 5
Hey! Beautiful video :D
can i use a part of your video ?
Erica Castilho
I cry every time I watch it. I lived in that beautiful country and my dream as being born Irish...
Derrick Murphy
Wonderful just wonderful.
Immortal 86
Just keep your culture and sovereignty strong! Dont make the same mistakes England made!
Leon Eire
Irelands ok but Mongolias better.
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Irish Rugby Anthem (Ireland's SONDER Ireland 6 months ago   01:42

Six Nations 2011
Ireland - France
Aviva Stadium, Dublin
February, 13th

- Come the day and come the hour
- Come the power and the glory
- We have come to answer
- Our Country's call
- From the four proud provinces of Ireland

- Ireland, Ireland
- Together standing tall
- Shoulder to shoulder
- We'll answer Ireland's call