Aga Khan Development Network Egypt Ismaili Waez || زندگی کی 5 months ago   19:48

A documentary for the Aga Khan Development Network, Egypt
Directed by Rami A. Jabbar

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mohmad mohmad
الله يحميك من كل اعدائك
Asir Mamluk
May Allah bless AKDN
Ali G
the two dislike are from wahabis the most curses backwards people on earth
marc biele
The Aga Khan Development Network is synonymous to Kolping International, the two biggest non-gouvernmental players yet existing of the United Nation Org.
Aga Khan is a model for the new arab elite of Oil-Billionairs showing how to handle with money. Dubai is the opposite - a juridical catastrophy. Christianity has learned - there is a parallel from Richard Löwenherz to Bin Laden - it in formar times, fixing it in the Second Lateran Council by Innocence II. founding the excusion of modesting-freedom by celibacy and the Templer Order (thereby the root of Free Masonry), the mercedes-star of professional work. (Homosexuals search the appearcance-freedom being a level below.) There are tendences in Islam like Sufismus. In Asia it is the Buddhism. When the number of Billionaires and civilisation grow up, people have to renounce and find juridical compensations: modesting-freedom, appearence-freedom and precedent-case. The last attribute is my choice (otherwise I would have taken the celibecy), but it demands much patience. For you can be modested hypothetically, being only juridically impossible in celibecy. But that is also dangerous for the other part using auras which are to knock out by underling no interest. And therefor you get awards. - Aspera ad astra!
The only thing I regret is that without a first half-time, you get like Holy Benedict being a Pythagorean the modesting-freedom at first with 64 when you are lucky.
алихан ермамадов
Спасибо тебя имам огахан семя пророг мы любим вас и Мухаммад вы истин для ислам пуст ваши враги не было к вам не равнодушен
Khan Hadiya
he may be good person but not religious leader
Ali Khan
The only true Muslim leader in world .
Karim Shamshudin Juma
shukar Mowla we shall abide by our Tariqua Hazar Aga Khan. We Know You are In your Prayers. For You the Guard of House of Mohammad of doing Volunteering World Wide..
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