Would Ivanka Trump ever Ivanka Trump on the importance of child-care 1 day ago   05:51

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Ivanka Trump responds to many of the news stories constantly swirling around her father's campaign and shares if she has any political aspirations of her own.

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ebrahim dibadj
Ivanka must play in porn movie
Geo Vani
If she ran the same lowlife morons would vote for her . Good luck.
I'd vote 4 her and shes cute plus smart.. double damage yo
Robert Strack
Ivanka, please, please, please run for the office of Presidency of the United States in 2024!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! You know you can!!! Your brothers can follow,,,,,,,your children can follow. I have absolutely no trouble with a Trump dynasty. I'm a 71 year old Vietnam vet, 1972 Operation Linebacker. I graduated Suma with a BSEE and my IQ has, on several occasions, been measured to be 165, give or take. You love this country as much as your Dad does. Please!!!!
Gabriel Lau
A copy of the full version going to Africa is given to Joshua Tenorio ( Homosexual Lt. Governor of Guam) and China President. We have no issue with Africa unless they create one. They don't have nuclear missles, we do have many ready made. Don't make her disqualify as human traffick team.
Gabriel Lau
Someone name Cobra is sabotaging Ivanka Trump and I marriage in Guam. That person thought I am a stupid Asian letting President's daughter going out on a date.
Gabriel Lau
April 17, 19 - 7:18 p.m. Chamorro Time: mean it, Ivanka and I agreed to bring her first daughter to Africa tomorrow, 04/18/19. Her first daughter is taking the Spring Break. She wants a try with the cloth machine.
Justin Cowles
I will vote for her if she runs
Traveling Poncho
Ivanka Trump to be the first Woman President Of The United States Of Americanjn 2024
Brendan O' Neil
daft as a brush - will go a long way.
Orlando Almodovar
Prime Killer
hell yeah I want her to be the President!
Jesse Pinkman
Would Trump Fans vote Ivana Trump?
Hipster Witch
Ivanka is a joke, just like the rest of her criminal family! What the hell is wrong with her eyes? Is she wearing contacts just for the color change? Gawd, what a nightmare this entire family is!
If Ivanka is running then she will become the first lady president
Purple Urkle
Please, do run. We want you to carry on the trump greatness
Confucius Say
any man would vote for her regardless of her policies.
Jorge Espínoza
Rubio 2024
Bruce Devaux
Mrs Greta 1 of the best news persons in the business
Mike Writerson
TL;DW answer to the question in the title: “Nah probably not”
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Ivanka Trump on the importance of child-care Would Ivanka Trump ever 1 day ago   07:28

On 'The Kelly File,' businesswoman and daughter of the Republican nominee provides an in-depth look into the new government policies for families