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Top 100 Most Viewed Songs Of All Time on YouTube
Top 100 Most Viewed Music Videos Of All Time on Youtube.
Top 100 Most Popular Songs Of All Time on Youtube as of April 04, 2019

Top 100 Best Songs Of All Time based on views.

Please note that by the time you see this video, the views amount might have changed and the countdown might be outdated.
A collection of the top 100 most viewed songs of all time on YouTube. We do our best to make quality videos that are family friendly and can be enjoyed by all family members including kids and younger audience.

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Mareeam Malick
Who is here in 19?
lucky sharma
Ohh yess.
my LOcal Hero singer is not at the List But soon he will be the first one from the small community dialect who sings country songs like..ei nangbi nubgc lake..nafhamda..ngaore..urubada.ngbu.mlike this .. conquers and..mission accomplish..Enemy ahead.
Ishan Chandra
Why most of the songs have same beats or similar sounding beats with little to no variation.
M.Zikrullah Rehman
I did *not* watch this video just to see shape of you on second, behind despacito
funny memes
Best rap songs in July 2019
Watch here 👇👇👇
j0sch4h_ cgb
All this spanish sh*t isn’t nearly as good as their placements
Many of them are so trash
Aditya Sai
Lisa (Blackpink) in the intro tho so cool
65 you swapped the order of singer/song ;)
Alexander Flicker
So everyone’s taste of music now is Spanish music??

Jeez I remember when people liked Justin Bieber
varun tejas
Wdf where is any of avici's songs
Blood Fang
10:57 momo is that u
Veikka Joutulainen
No nirvana...
Rylan Lawson
I was like number one better not be despacito welp
Anonym 99
Where is Zayn Malik?
Aleksandra Kordecka
1:56 86. Taylor Swift - Bad Blood
10:06 16. Taylor Swift - Blank Space
10:56 9. Taylor Swift - Shake It Off
Ahmed Moneim
Something just like this
Axos Kriti
Why do o feel that Shakira is a part of my family??
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