THIS VENDING MACHINE TRICK 6 Worst MISTAKES In Fortnite Videos.. 1 day ago   10:13

BCC Trolling
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What's up guys, back with Episode 496 of our Fortnite Fails & Funny Moments! In todays we have put together some of the funniest Fortnite moments including wtf moments to funny fails! Can we smash 40,000 likes for Episode 497 Tomorrow!? Subscribe & join the road to 9Mil subs -

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Here's Episode 495 of Fortnite Funny Fails, WTF Moments & Epic Kills if you haven't seen it!

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Egg With 10.000 subscribers challenge
1:03 what you came for
And use code BCC
Jo Langley
Sub to gamer guys with a battle star as a logo
Jakub Zemánek
oh yeah all players as once purchase items
Abby K
8:25 cracked me up
صالح صالح
The mini child is creen
I actually went to the lava like in dusty divot and I could've get out
Csorba Botond
I claim my revenge
Mega Furious
3:05 AWWW yoshi ow lolol
Carter Garcia
0:07 when you nut for the first time and forget what it feels like
Richard Clinger
Rukia Brolys son
Oh that sad for the guy it over the swan island
Fussi Fenger
9:29 I have tried it too
Crack 891
BCC i use
edoardo santella
7:33 like se sei italiano😂👊🏻
Stan Sibma
On 8:85 that guy is a hacker
PewDiePie Winner T-Series LOSER
You played with Ali-A?
Ender Garcia
Sorry ninja but lazer beam did it first
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6 Worst MISTAKES In Fortnite Videos.. THIS VENDING MACHINE TRICK 1 day ago   10:02

6 Worst MISTAKES In Fortnite Videos.. (Ninja, Tfue, H1ghSky1) Fortnite YouTubers and Streamers Trolled :D


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