Top 10 Craziest Disaster Scenes in Movies Real Psychologist Reviews Mental 6 months ago   11:12

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Top 10 Craziest Disaster Scenes in Movies
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Oh, the humanity! For this list, we’re taking a look at the most extraordinary disaster scenes in movies, be they action adventures, thrillers, or monster mashes. Spoiler alert from here on. Our list includes scenes from “Godzilla” (2014), “2012” (2009), “Twister” (1996), “The Day After Tomorrow” (2004), “The Perfect Storm” (2000), and more! Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Craziest Disaster Scenes in Movies.

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10) Top Craziest Disaster Scenes in Movies
9) Every Scene
8) Elevator Explosion
7) Godzilla’s Arrival
6) The Rogue Wave
5) An Inconvenient Tsunami
4) When Cows Fly
3, 2 & 1???

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Nick The best
How but why did you guys not put cloverfeild
Gabezilla 2002
It’s been 7 years there’s no end of the world, which is a good thing
Kailee McLane
I'm just glad Twister made the list. Obsessed with that movie
James Pye
How many times is new york going to get destroyed? It isn't the only city in the world. Plus America isn't the only country in the world. It is getting boring with 80% of films being in America. Some of the best films are based in other countries. Sort your s**t out.
GxxdBxxy._.Kayla Champ
Titanic should’ve been #1
Icequeen NinjaWarrior
My Uncle let me watch 2012 when I was 9! Well, the flooding scene. I couldn't sleep without having nightmares for days
Tiar Tenorio-Atoigue
I started this list of death rounds compiled from each of the movies listed in this video. It was meant to be a joke at first, but I slowly got serious about it, and it ended up taking me 4 hours to do.


= Round 1A - limo and Los Angeles VS earthquake and collasping Interstate 10
WINNER - limo
WINNER - earthquake
= Round 1B - Charlie Frost and McCarren International Airport VS pyroclastic flow
WINNER - pyroclastic flow
= Round 1C - Antonov-225 VS pyroclastic flow
WINNER - Antonov-225
= Round 1D - Earthquakes VS Washington DC, The Vatican, Los Angeles, and Rio De Janeiro
WINNER - earthquakes
= Round 1E - White House VS USS John F Kennedy
WINNER - USS John F Kennedy
= Round 1F - tsunamis VS Washington DC, Genesis, Nampam Plateau refugees, Satnam, Satnam's family, and Chinese temple
WINNER - tsunamis
= Round 1G - Antonov-225 VS ice
WINNER - ice
= Round 1H - tsunami VS Arks
RESULT - no contest

Towering Inferno

= Round 2A - Woman VS elevator
RESULT - no contest
= Round 2B - woman VS gravity
WINNER - gravity

Godzilla 2014

= Round 3A - male Muto VS mine
WINNER - male Muto
= Round 3B - male Muto VS Janjira nuclear power plant
WINNER - male Muto
= Round 3C - Sandra Brody VS radiation
WINNER - radiation
= Round 3D - radiation VS Janjira
RESULT - no contest
= Round 3E - Joseph Brody VS collapsing skywalk
WINNER - collapsing skywalk
= Round 3F - Honolulu civilians VS tsunami
WINNER - tsunami
= Round 3G - Godzilla VS United States military
WINNER - no contest
= Round 3H - male Muto VS United States Special Ops team Sparta One
WINNER - male Muto
= Round 3I - Male Muto VS Honolulu International Airport
WINNER - male Muto
= Round 3J - male Muto VS Godzilla
RESULT - rematch
= Round 3K - Godzilla and male Muto VS Honolulu
WINNER - Godzilla and Male Muto
= Round 3L - female Muto VS US Department of Energy
WINNER - female Muto
= Round 3M - Las Vegas VS Female Muto
WINNER - female Muto
= Round 3N - Boeing 747 VS freeway
RESULT - pyhrric victory
= Round 3O - Female Muto VS US military, train, railroad bridges, and nuke
WINNER - Female Muto
= Round 3P - Godzilla VS Golden Gate Bridge and US Navy
WINNER - Godzilla
= Round 3Q - Mutoes VS San Francisco
RESULT - rematch
= Round 3R - Mutoes VS Godzilla and San Francisco
RESULT - rematch
= Round 3S - Ford Brody VS Muto offspring
WINNER - Ford Brody
= Round 3T - Godzilla VS Male Muto
WINNER - Godzilla
= Round 3U - Godzilla VS office tower
WINNER - Godzilla
= Round 3V - Female Muto VS US military
WINNER - Female Muto
= Round 3W - Female Muto VS Godzilla
WINNER - Godzilla

The Perfect Storm

= Round 4A - Andrea Gayle VS rogue wave
WINNER - rogue wave
= Round 4B - Andrea Gayle Crew vs Atlantic Ocean
WINNER - Atlantic Ocean

Day After Tomorrow

= Round 5A - Tokyo VS hailstorm
WINNER - hailstorm
= Round 5B - Los Angeles VS tornadoes
WINNER - tornadoes
= Round 5C - New York VS tsunami
WINNER - tsunami
= Round 5D - tsunami VS city bus
WINNER - tsunami
= Round 5E - ice VS three helicopters
WINNER - ice
= Round 5F - library survivors VS ice
WINNER - library survivors
= Round 5G - New York VS ice
WINNER - ice


= Round 6A - tornado VS Jo's father
WINNER - tornado
= Round 6B - tornado VS farm equipment, wooden bridge, and truck 1
WINNER - tornado
= Round 6C - tornadoes VS cow
WINNER - tornadoes
= Round 6D - tornadoes VS truck 2
WINNER - truck 2
= Round 6E - tornado VS drive-in theater and car repair shop
WINNER - tornado
= Round 6F - tornado VS Wakita
WINNER - tornado
= Round 6G - tornado VS farm equipment
WINNER - tornado
= Round 6H - truck 3 VS the house
WINNER - truck 3
= Round 6I - truck 4 VS tornado
WINNER - tornado
= Round 6J - truck 3 VS tornado
WINNER - tornado
= Round 6K - tornado VS farm equipment
WINNER - tornado
= Round 6L - tornado VS tornado hunters
WINNER - tornado hunters

Poseidon Adventure

= Round 7 - Poseidon VS tsunami
WINNER - tsunami


= Round 8A - Titanic VS iceberg
WINNER - iceberg
= Round 8B - Atlantic Ocean VS Jack Dawson
WINNER - Atlantic Ocean

Deep Impact and Armageddon

= Round 9A - tsunami VS freeway
WINNER - tsunami
= Round 9B - tsunami VS New York
WINNER - tsunami
= Round 9C - New York VS meteors
WINNER - meteors

Dante's Peak

= HM Round 1A - earthquake VS freeway
WINNER - earthquake
= HM Round 1B - Dantes Peak VS pyroclastic flow
WINNER - pyroclastic flow
= HM Round 1C - truck VS pyroclastic flow
WINNER - truck
= HM Round 1D - truck VS collapsing mine
WINNER - collapsing mine
= HM Round 1E - Harry Dalton VS collapsing mine
RESLUT - no contest


= HM Round 2A - Lucinda Embry VS the door
WINNER - Lucinda Embry
= HM Round 2B - Plymouth Airlines Flight 74 VS high-voltage wires and freeway
RESULT - pyrrhic victory
= HM Round 2C - subway trains VS passengers
RESULT - pyrrhic victory
= HM Round 2D - Diana Embry VS truck
RESULT - pyrrhic victory
HM Round 2E - Solar flare VS Earth
WINNER - solar flare


= HM Battle 3 - earthquake VS Los Angeles and freeway
WINNER - earthquake

Independence Day 1996

= Battle 10A - White House VS spaceship beam
WINNER - spaceship beam
= Battle 10B - energy VS First Interstate Center
WINNER - spaceship beam
= Battle 10C - spaceship beam VS Empire State Building
WINNER - spaceship beam
= Battle 10D - Steve Hiller VS alien
WINNER - Steve Hiller
= Battle 10E - spaceship beam VS Houston
WINNER - spaceship beam
= Battle 10F - Air Force VS aliens
WINNER - aliens
= Battle 10G - Russell Cass VS spaceship
RESULT - pyrrhic victory
= Battle 10H - humans VS aliens
WINNER - humans
Gabriela Mallo
Where's San Andreas?
2012 must be first best movie
Mikey Balboa
I appreciate it Watchmojo for using my recommendation of this category. It truly means a lot to me.
Devils don't Fly
"I want to go shopping -0-"

"Me too! Hehehe"
Devils don't Fly
Ywister was a hella svary movie.
Fani fani
I love Godzilla, Titanic, Deep Impact and Day After Tomorrow
I had a feeling 2012 was gonna be on here
Thiefman 6719
Do you know what killed the dinosaurs..... the ice age..... or a meteorite.... or just the food chain gradually declining... or I’m full of BS...... yea the last one fits best
Next: Airplane Crash ........
i am human
9:52 as if setting the white house on fire wasn't enough
That crazy Guy
Of the f**k did not the wave(the norwegian movie) come on this list
Henry Kelly
Elizabeth Olsen did amazing in Godzilla! She is already amazing as Scarlet Witch but was awesome in Godzilla!
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Real Psychologist Reviews Mental Top 10 Craziest Disaster Scenes in Movies 6 months ago   12:09

What does a real psychologist think of how mental illness is portrayed in movies? Dr. Ali Mattu, clinical psychologist at the Columbia University Medical Center, takes a look at how mental illness is depicted in pop culture and tells us how accurate they really are.


Special thanks to Dr. Ali Mattu!

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