Top 10 Craziest Disaster Scenes in Movies Real Psychologist Reviews Mental 1 week ago   11:12

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Top 10 Craziest Disaster Scenes in Movies
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Oh, the humanity! For this list, we’re taking a look at the most extraordinary disaster scenes in movies, be they action adventures, thrillers, or monster mashes. Spoiler alert from here on. Our list includes scenes from “Godzilla” (2014), “2012” (2009), “Twister” (1996), “The Day After Tomorrow” (2004), “The Perfect Storm” (2000), and more! Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Craziest Disaster Scenes in Movies.

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10) Top Craziest Disaster Scenes in Movies
9) Every Scene
8) Elevator Explosion
7) Godzilla’s Arrival
6) The Rogue Wave
5) An Inconvenient Tsunami
4) When Cows Fly
3, 2 & 1???

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Michael Song
My #1 goes to Independence day. I know there are more disaster scenes in other movies (day after tomorrow, armageddon, etc), but that's the most memorable for me.
"Flipping the ship on it's back." and all ship lovers cringe! 😆😂
"Fire the laser!"
San Andreas earthquakes scenes >>> 2012 earthquake scenes
Jude Samson
Terminator 2 and Volcano had amazing scenes and definitely better than "Earthquake"
Dtown Dtown
Her voice can put anyone to sleep.
Hedu Soto
Oh Twister, i love that film.
Omg Dr. Evil at the end.
Bee Whistler
I dunno... I'd think an entire film of whole cities breaking off and sinking into the abyss might belong at the other end of the list, along with huge waves and ice and the like taking enormous masses of land apart. But the White House blowing up? Iconic, especially for us slightly older folks, but not really on the same level.
Transformers had some pretty big scenes, Pacific Rim, Avengers in New York or maybe Ultron... hell even Thanos yeetin a fucking MOON onto Titan
Diego Zevallos Carrillo
The imposible? The tsunami scene
Relax that from movie independent day
Excellent EXCELLENT list Watch Mojo! Great that some of the 70s films made the list, they deserve it. YEAH for good ol' Roland Emmerich. And a special YEAH for 2012 - loved that movie! Good old fashioned mayhem on an epic scale. What fun!
Doug Doug
when i was young, i was very disturbed and scared by 2012. i thought my family would fall into the cracks and die. >_
william wandwasi
The only promising channel... I have watched... Thanks @watchmojo... Lots of love all over
Eric Thigpen
Can't believe the tsunami from 'The Impossible' isn't on this list!
Andrew miller
Lol I remember Twister! I watched that when I was in first grade. It was also where I learned my first swear words. Ah, good times.
Sheenu Gupta
Knowing is honorable mention???!!
Matthew Minelli
What about the movie Knowing? Or Avengers: Infinity war? Half of all life in the universe died. Or Pompeii? That movie actually happened!
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Real Psychologist Reviews Mental Top 10 Craziest Disaster Scenes in Movies 1 week ago   12:09

What does a real psychologist think of how mental illness is portrayed in movies? Dr. Ali Mattu, clinical psychologist at the Columbia University Medical Center, takes a look at how mental illness is depicted in pop culture and tells us how accurate they really are.


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