Cardi B Look-A-Like, Mayor Allison Meet The Long Nail Goddesses 1 day ago   04:26

After she became the first African-American and first female mayor of Mound City, IL, Allison Madison took the internet by storm thanks to her resemblance to Cardi B.


#IWentViral #AllisonMadison #CardiB #CardiBLookalike

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nicole peoples
I would love for them to meet
0nly. Jala
Conspiracy..... clone....jk
Lisa Blamfort
Cardi b is her clone people that's not a coincidence and offset is a clone of her husband too
ToxicHobo ME!
Her husband is moto moto
The peanut butter baby
Laugh : *like cardi b *
Attitude :* like cardi b *
Face : * like cardi b *

Anything else
Cardi b in 50 years? More like in 15 with no make up on.
Joselyn Ortiz
She's amazing, cardi is trash
animeclub unknow
She's so lovely
Now can we find a Nicki Minaj look alike ? 😂😂😂
Shirley KuuN
wish cardi b behavior just like this piss off with cardi b react ....she so fakes..
Garbage should be burned
Please kill cardi B
Screen Share
Hit like if you hate Cardi B
"That's Offset and Cardi after she done took him back the 15th time" 😂😂
MOE Aranda
Cardi B in 50 years... no. This lady has class. Cardi has none.
Im sorry I have to be that one.. But why did she call herself a housewife if she's the Mayor of a freaking city. Give yourself more credit than that. You're not a housewife you're a BOSS! Period.
Brooke Linton
I want to be friends with this woman
David Walsh
She is so chill. 🙃
Tony Ellen
0:55 "The First time I seen my face all over the internet, I was excited." Bless your pure heart, Mayor Allison. You must not know how lucky you are that your meme was one of the more positive ones! Some people are permanently butthurt over becoming a meme for the internet and the world to see.
rina Bea
Cardi this is exactly how you look without makeup.
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Meet The Long Nail Goddesses Cardi B Look-A-Like, Mayor Allison 1 day ago   06:04

The Long Nail Goddesses are a group of women who bond over their extremely long nails. According to nail technician, Maria Ortiz, a Long Nail Goddess "was meant to shine, not blend in." Each goddess has her own unique reason as to why she grew out her nails, but underlying each decision is a theme of empowerment. Despite their length, the women's nails don't hinder their day-to-day activities.

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