Model Railroading 101 Ep. 13 All About Bridges Model Railroading 101 Ep. 6 Steam Engines 1 day ago   15:42

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This month's episode of MR101 focuses on bridges. What they are, what they do, the different types, approaches to modeling them, and much more.

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Checkout the Hell Gate bridge in Queens NY. Still used today for frieght and Amtrak. Built I think in 1916. Arch bridge....
Joe G
Bridges are great scents to add to layouts. You can do so many things with the scenery.
Great videos. I'm in the process of trying once again to get into this hobby, and these videos are really giving me some education I need. While it's clear that you guys have a good bit of experience in the hobby and railroad industry in general, I find it really helpful with John pipes up with a question or comment from the perspective of a greenhorn like me. It really helps to keep me engaged.
Rafael games 940
Parabéns estamos aprendendo muito com vocês, trabalhos valiosos que vocês fazem muito bem, obrigado pôr compartilharem, abraços Ângelo Brasil...
War 1109
My local excursion railroad has the only operational offset truss bridge
Matthew Lee
Yinz never been to Pittsburgh I take it..

There are 8 rail bridges in that area, all can be seen from the kansas river eastern side, although 1 of them is no longer connected to anything but still has its rails. So it does exist! muahahaha.
Kunal Changoiwala
What camcorder/ camera you use to shoot these episodes ?

The quality of these videos is just perfect.
What would you call a bridge made up from railroad ties and rope. Many of those in Chicago area. LOL
Tito Dalessandro
I like your videos, but the beginning of all your shows suck bad! Take up too much time!
Harry King
Love that you added nav lights to the last bridge (~14min).
Rex Remedy
i had exactly this arch bridge on my second layout!
Steev O
Y'all mention Niles Canyon. Are you referring to the canyon in Ca between Pleasanton & Fremont?
James Willmus
I know of a place where three railroad bridges crossed over eachother. You can probably find it on the Internet. Homestake Gold Mining Company, Lead, South Dakota.
Suspension bridges that carry rail traffic are rare because they are ridiculously elastic compared to other bridge types. There is video footage of test runs carried out by the Japanese Railway Technical Research Institute with a thousand metric ton train before the opening of the Great Seto Bridge, and it's almost unbelievable:
JA Murphy
Dan, that was a great explanation of not only "what" Bridges are... but also WHY Bridges are used in some different situations!! There's too many Modelers out there, who simply think "I've got an 18" gap, I'll buy THIS Bridge for it." Often with NO idea what purpose it's supposed to serve, or why that type would be needed.

Sure, some people just don't care. But some people, even if they're not full-on Rivet-Counters, want a scene to look "right".
Me and my friend are somewhat in the second category. The Railroad is Freelance and Fictional - but both of us always strive for plausibility! ESPECIALLY Bridges, my friend Carmine's favorite subject. I can't wait till he's able to see this. Thanks!
Thomas O
Can you explain why some bridges are a combination. Why do they use a girder then a truss then another girder?

Thanks, great show as always.
Great article, very informative. Nice images of the various bridges as well.
Metalhead_Modeller \m/ APTAΞEPΞEΣ Γπ
Funny and informative, good stuff!
You could make a series about the different bridge styles and construction last longer than the SD40-2 videos! Nice little intro video to bridges.
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Model Railroading 101 Ep. 6 Steam Engines Model Railroading 101 Ep. 13 All About Bridges 1 day ago   34:01

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Welcome back to class! In this episode of MR101 we take a look at steam locomotives. We discuss some information about how they work, and there is also a fairly detailed look at several types of locomotives - even tank engines and geared locos.

Find out what makes them move, how to tell what you are looking at, why a tank engine does not need a tender, and why a tender is called a tender instead of something else.

A great primer for beginners, and a great reminder for someone with a little more experience. You might learn something new that you didn't already know!

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