I Went KITTEN SHOPPING! MEET MY PETS! (My 35+ Pets In One Video!) 1 day ago   08:25

Kitten Lady
Today I went "shopping" for my new foster kittens! I knew I wanted to help my local shelter free up space to save more lives...but how do you choose who to foster when there are more than 150 kittens in one room?! In this video, watch us empty 5 kennels by bringing home new foster babies. FOSTERING SAVES LIVES!

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Kitten Lady
I'm going on a BOOK TOUR, and I want you to come see me if you live in New York, Boston, DC/Baltimore, Atlanta, Chicago, or San Diego! Get tickets and info at http://www.KittenLady.org/events
Łíłý Łøçrus
Kitten lady please tell me where to buy Kmr Cause i need it for my newborn kitten i live in pakistan 🇵🇰 ur channel is very Good👍👍👍👍
it'z_yum_ snow
He'll no so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
MY HEART IS MELTIIING!!!!! \(//∇//)\
Luna WolfMoonlite
Flower is so cute
Morgan Penguin
You’ve successfully treated kittens as objects. Well done. You don’t shop for kittens, just like how you don’t shop for a new kid. And the thumbnail?! Seriously?! “Kitten haul!!” Haul means shopping spree or a buying a large quantity of objects from the store. Sorry, but if you’re going to adopt animals, don’t say “shopping.”
Omg my pug’s name is Flower 😭 my heart melted when I heard you say it and I saw that beautiful baby’s face, she is a Flower!
Sister Shook
*im moving to San Diego now*
MIa Cowie
Hi kitten lady this might be a little bit long I own a dog shelter and there's this cat that's ferel and she breeds kittens we had 3 before we kept them together because they would be scared they are black we now have 2 more kittens me and my dad are keeping them and useful tips could you do a video please about getting a young kitten and what stuff should we buy thank you XX
Brooke Lindsay
Hey Kitten Lady! I recently picked up my kitten from the local Catfe (mom was rescued with kittens. No illnesses. I adopted at 4 weeks and picked up at 9 weeks. His mom was quarantined for a week when he was 7 weeks and then caught a bought of ringworm with the new kittens came in ... They are run by volunteers and aren’t fully kitten handling trained. I’m an avid watcher, and have rescued small kittens before.
I’m considering volunteering at the Catfe rescue this summer and help them become more sterilized. Any suggestions on what I can do?
Also, any suggestions on how I can get this 9wk old and my 2 yo get along? The older is a chicken (been living without another animal for a year) and this kitten is outgoing. Both very calm personalities and like to cuddle. Both adopted from the same Catfe rescue. The older one is trained and calmly sat on command when meeting a large, hyper dog. I need to first make sure the kitten isn’t contagious, but any suggestions on getting them to be friends?
Cookie Love
Flower is so CUTE!!
Amna Rizvi
I’m surprised she didn’t want buy the golf ball belly one lol

Anyways... I wAnT TheM ALL,,,,
TARAdaycatal or Tara if your normal
Becsuse im so alergic to cats im not a cat lady but i love all you do. (My aunt has also had many mean cats so i think getting bitten, attacted by cats i dont think helped) however i now know what to and not to do for kittens. Im in ocala florida area. Any idea if i find kittens in need ehat to do? (Also my rescued dog (mom to fighting dogs) hates cats and is too old for me to want to try plus my husbands alergies are wores for cats but i dont want to see them die. Just cause i cant have cats doesnt mean i want them dead.
cris brillantes
what a beautiful kittens.. can i have one maam i like cats and kittens so much but i never since have my own cat
Savy plays gacha
I have to big cats but they are 9 months old
Kitten shelter: how many kittens do you want?
Me: give me
Steve Oh
I want to work there I would be in awe all day
kaveh pakroo
Hey!there is nice show but you are talking too too too much . It is better to visit a good doctor to checj your Dopamine hormone.please talk less.
Agus Liendo
i really cried a lot watching all the kittens orphans, and i really want to adopted them (every single kitten) but i don't know how to care them. 😭
Betty Griffin
CATS I Love CATS. I Love You.
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MEET MY PETS! (My 35+ Pets In One Video!) I Went KITTEN SHOPPING! 1 day ago   19:31

The most basic pet video ever. MEET MY PETS! AGAIN!
In this video you'll meet all the animals I own from rabbits, to snakes, to mice, to goldfish and more!

DISCLAIMER: Animals are a huge responsibility and in no way am I promoting anyone buying these animals. Animals have been my passion for many years and I have done extensive research on many different species. While I am capable of caring for 30+ animals, many people are not. Before you buy an animal, please do extensive research, using multiple sources and think long and hard before buying any pet!


Instagram: @emmasam99
Twitter: @emmasam99
Snapchat: emmasam99
Younow: EmmaLSampson


Dorito - Crested gecko
Titan - Lesser Ball Python
Toby - Pastel Pied Ball Python
Casper - Banana Ball Python
Angel - Normal Ball Python
Bella - Merauke Blue Tongue Skink
Viper - Garden Phase Amazon Tree Boa
Ghost - Ghost Corn Snake
Tangerine - Normal Corn Snake
Pepper - Hypo Leopard Gecko
Daisy - African Fat Tailed Gecko
Rocky - Pueblan Milk Snake
Willow - Childrens Python
Comet - Normal Kenyan Sand Boa
Derek - Gargoyle Gecko
Lucas - Mexican Red Rump Tarantula
Astro - Albino Pacman Frog
Cinderella - Pink Toed Tarantula
Pascal - Veiled Chameleon
Mark - Standings Day Gecko
75 Gallon Reef Tank - Unstocked
Opal - Betta Fish
Mickie + Minnie - Black Moor Goldfish
Pumpkin - Syrian Hamster
Spice - Syrian Hamster
Henry - Campbells Dwarf Hamster
Snacc - Male Mouse
Blossom - Female Mouse
Clover - Female Mouse
Peach - Female Mouse
Sunny - Unknown Breed Rabbit
Thumper - Netherland Dwarf Rabbit (Poss Mixed)
Peanut - Netherland Dwarf Rabbit (Poss Mixed)