DEFECTIVE monitor still wins The MKBHD Gear Tour 2019! 1 day ago   16:03

This is the LG Ultragear 34GK950F gaming monitor

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DEFECTIVE monitor still wins my heart


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GoofyGufz Tv
lmao lg should be ashamed by this point, their best monitor while on influencer test showing crap quality, i bet this make many people who first consider to by this shitty monitor turn their back to this monitor. good job lg. i don't care if later they change the unit or whatever the fact this happened on the best on their flag ship gaming monitor it shows how crappy their monitor quality are. this conform my hate to lg brand i broke at least 3 tv and 1 monitor from lg and they not even that old, the oldest one at 3 years old and the newest one just 1 month after mmy guaranty is off. so it confirmed for me that lg are not the best durability/quality brand to buy.
Kahari Moore
Nvidia said to cap your frames 3 frames below the max refresh rate of your free sync monitor and everything should be working fine
Mahesh Walatara
Bought this for $799 from B&H. lol
Malcolm Hughes
oh by the way expect stuck pixels in a couple years
Malcolm Hughes
i have the same pc case and layout with the same size monitor... running a 2700x and a gtx 1080 all in that shift
Agent Orange
I don't think my eyes like HDR. When playing PS4 Pro on my 4k HDR tv, my eyes start straining. Then you can't see because stuff's too dang bright or too dang dark at the same time and confuses your eyes.
Where did you get your desk? It looks nice.
Kenny Ross
Got this monitor and i had the Asus swift like you.. this one is better just because of the 144 hz alone
So Kyle is also a transforming cat? Or are we just gonna ignore that right after the cat walks behind the frame Kyle picks up the camera?
Matthew Briffa
hahaha I have a cat that looks exactly like yours... oh wait, maybe that's my cat!
Jared Reinke
Where did you get the desk?
Wearing the GN shirt I see?
Geralt Of Rivia
That monitor is as expensive as my pc
HOW can you see them icons
turn off your 1ms motion blur reduction and see what it does, i have on older 1080p variant and the monitor blacks out and resets a bunch with it on.
You mean an LG product is defective? Whodathunkit.
Hmm...”Glitchy video is totally the monitor’s fault” and I was nearly sold until I saw the super glitchy doom 4 gameplay. Monitors don’t change 3D objects like that. Those green chunks are a cry for help from the gpu, if not green, big chunks of pink.
Robert Neve
I would never give up ROG SWIFT PG348Q . Love the monitor.
Alex Barkley
I have the same monitor but 24” and I can’t say anything negative
What desk is that? 0:21
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The MKBHD Gear Tour 2019! DEFECTIVE monitor still wins 1 day ago   20:14

Literally all of the gear!

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