Hondaru 2.0 Is Ready To Make Some Twin Turbo 5.0 Mustang! The Start 2 days ago   13:57

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Comments 829 Comments

Has McFarland ever welded before
Shampoo yeah
Had to put a Honda motor in it cause they couldn’t build and tune a Subaru....
Buncha grown men wearing skater kid hats 😂
Why cooper being salty though?
XOZ Industries
It's not bad luck, it's lack of maintenance
Kevin Noon
Same wheel hub McFarland Fabrication fixed?!
pissed off pistons
Kyle anyone ever msg about hood dump plate lol?
Checking in from d.c
Boosted boiz💯💯💯💯💯😎
Roger Perez
i fucking love this duo
xjbeater 86
These guys ate up lmao. Always brings the spirit up.
wheres james with the wd-40?
why don't make you a downpipe with straidpipe untill the back
kyl nit
CAn you please tattoo braces on your teeth thx!
Brett Sossong
Gotta get that shout out bro like shout for everyone bro like shout for a nobody
Kody Kaven
Tom is too lit
Jose Rotary
Hondaru sounds amazing, she will definitely eat. 💯👍👍👍
dean dufer
*Opens hood*
*See Honda motor in Subaru*
(Cooper) *dannnnggggg*
Brody Bowen
Definitely need to cut it if at an angle dude looks like a snorkel
Andrew Robinson

Pulled a Hert with the hood...

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Twin Turbo 5.0 Mustang! The Start Hondaru 2.0 Is Ready To Make Some 2 days ago   29:13

Our good friend Jon has been down for over a year, and with some horse trading and some time he got the legendary 7 second Mustang back together. What be needed next was some roller (dyno) time to find the tune up. With all the new goodies she dukes it out with us pretty good but with a room full of great minds we all get to work and the potential starts to show . So relax with us and get in some time hanging and troubleshooting with the Boiz. This I’d just too much fun!

P.O. Box 503