BL 2 4Ghz RC Helicopter 9004G PART Helicopter Flight Controls 2 months ago   09:12

BL 2 4Ghz RC Helicopter 9004G PART 20 looking at the SPEED BUTTON. Comments suggested checking the button was actually wired in and working so I did and it is. I also checked it's operation by listening to the tail rotor and IT DOES CHANGE THE TAIL ROTOR SPEED. The button has a toggle effect, press once to increase the speed, press it again to reset it. Two reasons I failed to realise this before. First I was looking for some indication of change on the display but there is no visual indication of the speed setting. Second reason was I was tapping it expecting it to be a sequential effect like trim adjustment and obviously all I was doing was setting and resetting it continuously. Now we will have to wait for a break in the weather to put this to the test.

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Raggy Ragsdale
Fine Vid! Raggy
Yep I think it just adds a boost to the tail rotor's max speed allowing for a steeper angle of attack and more speed.
Intresting find. Quick question on my own RC copper. My chopper has 8 minutes flight time on it lipo battery, I'm not use it for a while so If flown it for 4 minutes. My question is dose flying for half the time use half the battery charge?
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Helicopter Flight Controls BL 2 4Ghz RC Helicopter 9004G PART 2 months ago   17:08

Introduction to Helicopter Flight Controls, demonstrated in a Robinson R22 Helicopter, covering collective, cyclic, and anti-torque pedals.

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