REAL LIFE RIVER MONSTER Catching NEW Exotic Pet Fish for AQUARIUM! 1 day ago   18:31

Blakes Exotic Animal Ranch
Today the monster fish has arrived and it’s so awesome he will become a giant one day it’s going to be so cool to watch him grow with you guys the ranch fam! Give this video a thumbs up and follow my fish page for more exclusive content @blakesexoticfishranch


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Striker O'Hanrahan
Lonnie cat
ErIk LaNg
Blake the picture you put up of ‘the same type of fish’ isn’t the same type of fish. You put up a picture of a goonch catfish, which is not what you got.
Cindy Farlett
Love you'r vids soooooooo much! My nana use to visit Florida 1 a week because she used to live in Georgia
Chris P. Bacon
Katie Pintu
Dave Dust
I have been literally binge watching your videos for the last 3 days. My daughter and I have been learning soooo much information from you. Best channel on YouTube. Tyvm for sharing and teaching!
Joseph Tulli
What kind of catfish did Blake get?
Aldo Casillas
Piraiba-lau lau
Victor Martinez
Get a shark please
Candace Myers
It's a piraiba catfish
Riley Bramich
Ashley Chess
I loved that discus tank 😍 you need one just like it, so do I
Dude you should mate that with an iguana LOL
Donna Sanchez
Nice video jk u always make good videos i like all of them
Donna Sanchez
Amy Garza
AH A CAPA BERRE PLEASE! We all love ya mijo!!
Great video can’t wait to see the emus when they are big
Mikey Skuodas
Danny Strydom
Hey man I think it's a wells catfish and love your content
jdmrafa Yt
Is it a wells catfi
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Catching NEW Exotic Pet Fish for AQUARIUM! REAL LIFE RIVER MONSTER 1 day ago   10:56

I caught a Pet fish for my New aquarium! What did I catch?? Help me name it! Comment below if I should keep the fish inside if they are too aggressive with each other. Trivia question at the end of this video for you to win a shout-out!
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