Dinosaur Hat - Mario Odyssey parody DINOSAUR EGG HATCHES! 4 months ago   01:29

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Harry Xys
Haaaaaaaaa this is Cannon in the game
William Augustin
New meme
this is amazing
Milton Barazzuol
Why do I do this to myself
Danny Boy
wtf is this
What you have done
dat hat wobble doe
Dch 75
A single tear drop falls from the eye of our dinosaur protagonist as he remember the good times when he was posessed by Mario's hat demon.
Jade Seiler
That’s one *dapper dino*
Mxz Mc Donald
ouo hehe
Jumping Buddy
Ark crossed with Mario oddysy
Chewie Mintse
Nick India D Se Dab Remix
This channel is still a thing??!?!?!?!1
CottonEyedJohn Gaming
Do a bf1 Russian doc song pls!!
Aidan Or
No Advent calendar videos this year?
Advent Calendar?????
That was incredibly dapper.
Not another year without an advent calendar :(
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DINOSAUR EGG HATCHES! Dinosaur Hat - Mario Odyssey parody 4 months ago   02:08

We come across a dinosaur egg and dinosaur tracks, and we witness the dinosaur egg hatching! Could this dinosaur egg become the largest dinosaur in the world! There are many types of dinosaurs and dinosaur fossils! :P

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