Blues in the Schools | Tennessee Crossroads 14 Days of Summer 1 day ago   05:49

Tennessee Crossroads
Rob Wilds goes on the road with some Nashville musicians who teach kids about their musical roots.

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MLG doge gamen
I go to wright middle
YouTuber's Fan group
Hey yall its meh kadence h i was here also ms rodireguez is my 1st period teacher
Paris Reese
That’s my Grandson Paris Reese lll doing the rap we call him Man Man great job Man Man
Fazplush Productions
I’m in this video also miss Rodriguez is my 6th period teacher
Johnny Palazzotto
Professor Bayou Williford tells em like it is.
James Ryan
Hey Dont be lying 'bout our history! Appalachian mountain music came here from White immigrants, long before slavery. We made our OWN roots. Wikipedia and the internet "be like" White folks never sang, whistled, hummed, or had an instruments until they learned it all from slaves. GROW THE FUQ UP> White settlers suffered horrible lives too! Dont forget, the SPANISH were the first to bring slavery here...Oh wait, no they werent --- Natives had slaves from opposing tribes. They were first. My bad!
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14 Days of Summer Blues in the Schools | Tennessee Crossroads 1 day ago   00:12

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