Change Your Habits, Change How to Find Your Life Purpose 5 months ago   07:32

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The reason you’re stuck and can’t get the results you want is likely because of a paradigm. But what are paradigms really, and how are they formed? And what does it take to change them so you can live a happier, wealthier, more fulfilled life? Bob Proctor answers those questions—and more—in a new and very simple way.

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Proctor Gallagher Institute
Do you have these 5 paradigms? >
Animesh Vaidya
Why changing habits is very hard ?
I try so many times but I failed?
Please make video on change habits easily
Please ! please !! please !!!
Help me 😢😢
I am in big problems
Najma Omer
Thank you very much
Yulina Goto
Is anyone trying to break bad eating habits? We're in this together ❤❤❤
Michael Tonkin
محمود صلاح الدين
Great talk
محمود صلاح الدين
Thank you a lot.
Daniel Marone
Can I change my Paradigm without opening my wallet?
Rachid-B Vlogs
I wanna meet him before he dies 😁
Sir Esquire
If its not worth sharing what actual validity does anything have: Theres a word for living NOW with complete definitive optimism which progresses in accordance with real work put in to reach any goals: That word is *Contemprorealoptimization*

The essence of desirable opportunity is always present where the circumstances become more abundant to favour those who bring them about: This means You: Are you holding you back?
Feruza Djuraeva
Tenks 🙏 🌸 🍀
Success agoal
Our habits define what we become
I have a few related videos Watch my videos
Salvatore Blanco
Bob proctor is so sexy
Kerem Go
To people who say this is a sales pitch; I despise most of the The Secret people but Proctor is honest. He never hesitate to give away his sources of knowledge so you can simply get those books (most of them are free pdf now) and study yourself. Proctor doesn't need to sell his programs like Vitale or Byrne. He already has millions. He offers a paid option and even his cheapest programs are top quality and filled with helpful information.
Klussen doen in Maastricht
To change your luck , change your toughts and make new habbits
Philip Edward
Thanks Bob.
Kurnyll Baya
Hard habit to break
Dina Asimakopoulos
Βοb Proctor? I believe you are great and I thank you so much for all your videos. I am following one of your mentoring programs right now but the background music which is just as loud as your voice, is really veeeeery distracting.
Flutter Bat
thank you so much dor shring ur ideas for the good to everyone
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How to Find Your Life Purpose Change Your Habits, Change 5 months ago   22:10

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Bob Proctor and Sandra Gallagher discuss how to find your life’s purpose, and the difference between purpose, vision and goals.

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