Change Your Habits, Change How to Change a Paradigm 2 months ago   07:32

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The reason you’re stuck and can’t get the results you want is likely because of a paradigm. But what are paradigms really, and how are they formed? And what does it take to change them so you can live a happier, wealthier, more fulfilled life? Bob Proctor answers those questions—and more—in a new and very simple way.

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Proctor Gallagher Institute
Do you have these 5 paradigms? >
Allan C
that nose LIT
Better Ourselves
polash roy
No matter what other people say. But I will say bob is 100% correct. And not to mention I will again say long live the living legend Bob. God bless Bob love you so much.
Adam Osborn
He's so cool! Honestly
Kalpana K
I just don't know how the 7.31 minutes went by, I just got lost in this video.
Abdullahi farhan abdi
Ask your self
ex car salesman
The Future of Money
Only 13 months? I guess he knows I'm a slow learner
edy susanto
may the force be with you
xd Shamba
We can fix this right now ,, with a 89 year program credit card details necessary 😂😂😂
UMUT Kubanychbek kyzy
Здорово, что я нашла эту видео
UMUT Kubanychbek kyzy
My habits are cool 😎
Julian Nolte
Can someone please tell me what music he used?
This makes a lot of since 👏🏽✨ thanks
Robbie Holz
shallu sharma
I will move on my life
Saqib soomro
I can't change my habits and i have many problems with my habbits Or can't focus on study
TwinFlames1122 Psychic Medium & Tarot Reader!
Thank You, Mr. Proctor, for doing this video.
Roopa Harish
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How to Change a Paradigm Change Your Habits, Change 2 months ago   12:35

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How to Change a Paradigm: Three Techniques That Can Change Your Life Forever. Bob Proctor explains how paradigms--a multitude of habits that are lodged in your subconscious mind—affect your behavior and your results. He also explains how to shift a paradigm to change your life forever.

# How to Change a Paradigm

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