Change Your Habits, Change How to Find Your Life Purpose 1 day ago   07:32

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The reason you’re stuck and can’t get the results you want is likely because of a paradigm. But what are paradigms really, and how are they formed? And what does it take to change them so you can live a happier, wealthier, more fulfilled life? Bob Proctor answers those questions—and more—in a new and very simple way.

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Proctor Gallagher Institute
Do you have these 5 paradigms? >
Kompheak Love Animals
i want to change my life for better. How can i do?
Pink Panther
So changing our paradigm takes 13 months?
Travel the World
Woww This teaching is100% Gold !!!!!!!
Thank you for this 🙏
mir sumon
Bob proctor is the master of universe !!!
mir sumon
Bob proctor is the best !!!!
maldives-joshua joseph
6.36 is the jewel.
Woww these teaching are all free , free Knowledge free understanding awesome & all glory tah God halleluya !!!!!!!
Thanks Bobby Boy!!
Mohamed Alkaabi
Why when i watch a motivational video or something about "how to change your life" and all i get so engaged in the moment i listen to it, but after a shot while or lets say in the next day i simply forget everything. I've watched dozens of videos nothing seems beneficial to me. I believe that what works for others not necessarily would work for you. I believe its only you who can change who you are, by your own determination. Wasting time trying to be like others will make you forget your self and what you are capable of. Everyone has a unique talent to show that none other has.
Great teacher God bless him.
rüzgarın oğlu
Thank you very much for your video:)
The King Of Hearts
I was fairly enlightened on a few topics since I've started watching your lectures. To be honest Sir, your level of intelligence and personality remind me of Mr. Solomon from the lost symbol. No spoilers please, I'm not all the way through it yet, but I'm hooked right now.
Nigel-creed-vulgar Sapa
God bless you, Its really true that old people really talk sense... they know what they're saying
If you change the habit you’ll change the paradigm
Sotheavy Choun
Very great lesson. I’ve seen people in my neighbourhood who have well educated and degree But somehow they can’t make theirs mind up to do anything beyond what they are think of . They are afraid of failure in their thinking thinking....... if they can change the way they think , would be amaze
And others got poor education
Boy their mindset said They can do and accomplish the thing . Failed 99 times
They’re stand up And do it again . Didn’t determine go over the skills?
Didn’t failure is the education?
Kyo Boltron
i dont get it
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How to Find Your Life Purpose Change Your Habits, Change 1 day ago   22:10

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Bob Proctor and Sandra Gallagher discuss how to find your life’s purpose, and the difference between purpose, vision and goals.

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