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The reason you’re stuck and can’t get the results you want is likely because of a paradigm. But what are paradigms really, and how are they formed? And what does it take to change them so you can live a happier, wealthier, more fulfilled life? Bob Proctor answers those questions—and more—in a new and very simple way.

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Proctor Gallagher Institute
Do you have these 5 paradigms? >
Zeyad Ahmed
How to change my paradigm!
Raden Enterprise
Can you lower the music it really is distracting what he is trying to teach.
Beto Gomez
thanks man
Eleuterio Bata
Hi Bob, i like your lesson. Thank you and continue to help people as you helped me.
Kenn Daily
Anyone know what marker he is using? Dark, broad stroke, easy to see on video.
Kurt Kopf
Should've taped out the Office Depot logo (unless they're sponsoring you) because 1. You don't want to offer free product placement unless you're getting paid, and, 2. Doing so could have negative and even legal ramifications for doing so. Media 101
Star Bel
I'm so tired of this video that say this video will change your life and they never did i've watched the full loa movie but it didn't change my life .

I sill want to die and life is ugly,disgusting,complicated,full of hate, misery etc
Kelly and The Bronwen TV
love this presentation!!!
Nilesh Nilesh
Thanks ....Bob sir
Martin Nicolas Selave
The moment he start talking about no existen goods i run away
Scam! Verma energy Drinks
As a short term of what he said, the small circle on the bottom of the page is your unconscious mind, and the one on top is the ideas section, and the one on the right are the results and consequences of what you have thought of and put in your uncouncious mind. If you have unlimited ideas you can be an unstoppable creative machine, and change your habits easily.
Tell me if you agree 👍 and objection is acceptable.
Ashish Makhija
Thank you sir 👍👌👏
Mudasser Taj
But how a conscious mind can control over the subconscious mind as the subconscious is the inner most part
Rev Nimmala
Great knowledge.
Mido vinci
Where to get the course?
Is this the guy from The Secret?
AlanBalls shinpad
OMG your still peddling the snake oil and developing pyramid programs ffs when will you give it up
Zenbitch Edvard
He does have a lot of credibility with his manner of speaking. I'd normally prefer younger speakers. I'd even demand youth and great looks. But Madonna just turned 60 and proved that is really just a number.
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How to Change a Paradigm Change Your Habits, Change 1 week ago   12:35

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How to Change a Paradigm: Three Techniques That Can Change Your Life Forever. Bob Proctor explains how paradigms--a multitude of habits that are lodged in your subconscious mind—affect your behavior and your results. He also explains how to shift a paradigm to change your life forever.

# How to Change a Paradigm

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