Why is Theresa May still prime minister? WWII enemies reunited in D-Day 2 days ago   02:58

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Theresa May officially steps down as leader of the Conservative Party today, but why is she still prime minister and how long will it be until a replacement is chosen?

The Independent's Political Editor Andrew Woodcock walks us through the process.

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K Canndoo
Ugh more time for her to devastate us
John Bartley
A good steady pair of hands - Rupert the Bear could done better! Husband not the best looking man!
Safa Safa
T May should have remained pm and close to the end of her tenure a surprise; the donkey is just a joke. but nothing wrong in getting rid of her whenever possible
john stroud
Should have gone immediately with a Caretaker put in place. She'll be able to do enormous damage to this Country whilst she's left in position. She's a woman, spite and anger will take center stage .
Ebrihama Konteh
She deserved a respect she 's a good prime minister no need for her to resign. Please British don't allow that Brown hair to be the prime minister
Andrew Gwilt
And why are bothered about this then. 🙄
Why is the Independent called The Independent?
Kie Dan
Because tories always put party before country or people
She’s like a bad case of thrush irritating c**t you just can’t get rid of 🤪
She wasn't even a PM. Jeremy Corbyn won, But she started crying so she was chosen...
John Strong
Let’s get it right She was never a Prime Minister
Mikey B
If politics is about the powers of man & religion about belief in the powers of a higher entity........ then we better start praying that there’s something or someone up there who can sort this mess out #PoliticalPrayers
jade and more
Knowone really likes her but I like her so 😂 glad she’s here for longer c
She still has time to get an extension. EU will agree.
Her resignation is the biggest rage quit of 2019
0:11 me walking into my exams without revising like
Resigns but is still in
Post !!!!!

Wtf is this ? Should be escorted out the door
Pixie Lee
Jesus, just when we thought we'd finally be rid of her she's still bloody here 🤦🏻‍♀️
Randeep Kaur
TM did not achieve and solve brexit unlike Margaret Thatcher would have done.
Neil the destroyer
'' in limbo'' been in that as soon as she stepped into office.
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WWII enemies reunited in D-Day Why is Theresa May still prime minister? 2 days ago   10:56

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We’re joined afterwards by two more British veterans - Bill Gladden and Dickie Forester.


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