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Cool drone delivery. Guzman y Gomez burrito. Project Wing drone, Alphabet X Company. Australia Vlog 76.

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Gra Xx
The noise will drive you crazy. The burrito was overpriced. This is just a bad idea. I live in Melbourne Australia, the last thing I want to hear is drones going day and night would drive you mad. Time to bring out the slingshot blow those little mothersis out of the sky....lol
leslie dean brown
I notice that all comments are disabled on Wing's videos. How is that a trial, if residents are not even given the chance to comment?! I think Google/Alphabet is going to lose even more money in future, when the trial goes larger and THEN they find out it doesn't work. Time will tell. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. But I for one don't want #noisyburritos or #noisycoffee. Bye bye! (from the peace and quiet of Moruya)
Jason Bleau
Forget that.
Pinoy Daddy
I Guess.. after so many failures and trials.. Loon & Wing paved its success on their project X. Here is the link-

Pinoy Daddy
Hey Brendan, send me some burrito here in Manila. Belated happy birthday..
David Earthling
Great concept in the right type of community. The novelty alone is fun but as long as prices are reasonable, it’s a business model that might fly. Sorry, couldn’t stop myself. But, seriously it could be low overhead for the operation without the need of a brick and mortar storefront. Love it.
M2DaV 123
This is very interesting.
Thanks for the vid, BADVENTURES!
Lucas Musser
is that 14 for each burrito?
Charles Griffith
All bout dronin it now..😂😎
michael j
Absolutely amazing
Doyle in the Philippines
they've talked about drone food delivery here in the u.s.a. a few years ago
that drone was way too loud and that granny next door might whip out a double barrel to blast it.
ricky usa
Probably wouldn't work here in the US. Some redneck would probably think the drone is the government spying on him and shoot it down!
Scuba Tom
At lunchtime thousands of drones like a cloud over the city.lol
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Anti Drone Rifle with Drone Delivers Burrito, Project 1 day ago   08:50

DCAA aims to gun down unauthorized drones silently and safely using the all new state of the art Anti Drone Rifle with Signal Jamming Technology. In Collaboration with Sanad Academy UAE, Sanad Academy puts together this state of the art Anti Drone Rifle to assist DCAA (Dubai Civil Aviation Authority) to take control of unauthorized drones and safely bring them down. No Explosions, No Shots fired. This Anti Drone Rifle uses latest Radio Signal Jamming Technology and completely disables the Drone Operator’s control over his Drone, activates Auto Land and lands the drone safely either at certain spots or activates Auto Return to home to track the drone all the way back to its Operator. These were the first tests performed on a DJI Phantom Drone flown at controlled environment at Sanad Academy Campus Sky Hub RC Airfield Dubai in presence of DCAA officials, Owner of Sanad Academy and Certified Drone Training Specialist. These tests were successful and Anti Drone Rifle shows promising tech. still there is room for improvement to Gun down unauthorized drones safely using this new technology. Enjoy the video.

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