Top 10 Things You Missed in Mary Poppins Mary Poppins Returns MOVIE 3 months ago   10:35

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She’s Mary Poppins, y’all. Join us as we count down the Top 10 Things You Missed in “Mary Poppins Returns. ”For this list, we’re taking a look at Easter eggs, small details, and connections that might’ve eluded you in this long-awaited sequel. We’ll keep any spoilers to a minimum, but we will be delving into a few plot points!

List Entries and Rank:
10. Mary’s Cheeky Reflection
9. Nellie Rubina
8. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Cockney Accent
7. Ellen’s Recasting
6. The Timeframe
5. The Penguins Return
4. Mary’s Wardrobe
3, 2 ,1: ???

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yes papa
1930: The cover is not the book

2018: The thumbnail is the video
Jude Samson
I didn't get why they were so mean to the penguins in this movie. They weren't mean to anything in the original.
Wasay's Toy Review
I noticed every single thing
QueenRabbit MSP
Way to ruin the new movie...
leCaro Alvira Sotillos
Another thing is in when they have to fix the tureen scene the brown haired boy wears a black and red bathrobe like the Griffindor uniform 🧙🏻‍♀️🧙🏻‍♀️🧙🏻‍♀️🧙🏻‍♀️🧙🏻‍♀️❤❤🔥🔥
Matthew Tunstall
that is why Gobo Fraggle said: you cannot leave the magic! the magic is still there in the movie!
Movie Maniac
WHAT?!?! I didn't know Ben Wishaw played both Michael Banks AND Paddington!
sandy roberts-anderson
What a disappointment this movie is! I did something I have done only twice previously, I walked out halfway through.
Marlene Soares
Esse filme é uma merda
Carlota Mc Coy
"Things you missed in Mary Poppins Returns" "Lin-Manuel Miranda's cockney accent" I'm PRETTY sure everyone noticed it unless they muted the entire film
Jim Dees
My 8 year old grand daughter said she saw 'The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met" at the music house. I will have to look for him when the DVD comes out
Daily Nugget
You know how in Hamilton there is a song called The World Turned Upside Down? Well, in Mary Poppins the room turned upside down and then and then I got all mixed up
Who cares, it’s jus Mary poppins and a movie ;-;

Why do people talk bout movies like the movie has something wrong???????
Jamal Khalifeh
Renese Garcie
Just saw the movie and noticed every one of those!! There was also a tune being played from the original in the background during a scene in Returns but, I'd have to see it again to recall exactly what that was and when! In my opinion, this sequel was every bit as much of a masterpiece as the first; perhaps, even more so when you take into consideration all of the remarkable and fantastic special effects that were used. The appearance by Dick Van Dyke gave me chills. I had to check the internet to see if everything he did was on his own or had been supplemented by FX. The fact that he did that scene on his own steam at his age is SUPREMELY impressive!!
Httyd Marvel other stuff
She's Mary Poppins y'all
Olivia Pineapple
In the first film during super... they said for example in a cover is not the book the say for example
Olivia Pineapple
Actually there is one you missed
There were many pieces of music from the original playing in the background.
Debbie Roberts
The song wear they got lost waaaaaaaay to long
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Mary Poppins Returns MOVIE Top 10 Things You Missed in Mary Poppins 3 months ago   07:22

Every Mary Poppins Returns publicity movie clip so far + trailer starring Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ben Whishaw, Emily Mortimer, Meryl Streep, Colin Firth.

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Directed and produced by Rob Marshall, “Mary Poppins Returns” also stars Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ben Whishaw, Emily Mortimer and Julie Walters with Colin Firth and Meryl Streep. The film, which introduces three new Banks children, played by Pixie Davies, Nathanael Saleh and newcomer Joel Dawson, also features Dick Van Dyke and Angela Lansbury. The film is set in 1930s depression-era London (the time period of the original novels) and is drawn from the wealth of material in PL Travers’ additional seven books. In the story, Michael (Whishaw) and Jane (Mortimer) are now grown up, with Michael, his three children and their housekeeper, Ellen (Walters), living on Cherry Tree Lane. After Michael suffers a personal loss, the enigmatic nanny Mary Poppins (Blunt) re-enters the lives of the Banks family, and, along with the optimistic street lamplighter Jack (Miranda), uses her unique magical skills to help the family rediscover the joy and wonder missing in their lives. Mary Poppins also introduces the children to a new assortment of colorful and whimsical characters, including her eccentric cousin, Topsy (Streep). The film is produced by Marshall, John DeLuca and Marc Platt. The screenplay is by David Magee based on The Mary Poppins Stories by PL Travers with Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman writing all new songs and Shaiman composing an original score.

“Mary Poppins Returns” will be released in the UK on December 2018.