Here's Why the 2001 BMW 7 Series Is the Best The Bentley Arnage Is the Ultimate $30,000 2 days ago   24:56

Doug DeMuro

The 2001 BMW 750iL is a special car -- and I think it's the most beautiful luxury sedan ever. Today I'm reviewing the 2001 BMW 7 Series to show you why I think the E38 7 Series is such a great car.

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Doug DeMuro
E38 is two better than E36 ;) ;)
Hans Müller
All time gangsters car
J.P. Bhartendu
तू अपनी माँ चुदा
P. Herrmann
Of all time? rly?
darrin kinney
have you ever been hit with a service bill from BMW for a 7 series? Rotors that disintegrate, batteries that a priced like they are made of gold, seat electronics that fall apart. But yeah, when I drove a 740i back in 2000, it was the ultimate driving experience. When they changed the design, it was a sad day.
Rodney Jones
These , people on here acting like this era BMW weren't raggedy. Oil leaks and consumption. Fragile auto transmissions. Bad power seats!!?? GTF OUTTA HERE. YALL SLIPPING......
victor berglund
your "dougscore" makes no fucking sense at all..
"2001 bmw 7 series best luxury sedan ever"
lets give it a 5/10
idk... e39 styling looks much better imo
Gregory Trane
I totally agree.
Lorenzo Ricciardi
But you got the Nissan maxima it's a sports sedan
Miguel Saucedo
Why havent you made a video with a Lincoln car ? ???
This E38 750iL is the car that 2Pac got shot in when he was rollin’ with Suge in Vegas. It was also featured in a James Bond film.
M2M ...
It is my favourite luxury car 😍😍😍😍
Roland Syyles
Might "E" have stood for Europe, Doug?
The End of Madness
I agree. Owned one myself for 7 years.
João Pedro Alves
Nobody has commented that Spanish in Spanish is “español”. That’s why it was represented by “E” in the old school infotainment system.
Scores are rather irrelevant considering the age.
A V12 engine in it? Does it fly?👍
Super K
BMW and Great in the same sentence is laughable. BMW and service department is reality
John Richards
I owned a '98 740, same series as this car, but with BMW's excellent V8. (The 12-cylinder is considered complex to service, too heavy, and underpowered for its displacement.) I’m an average sized guy, 5’’10” 170 lb., and when I got into this car it felt like a barn. The car was too massive for twisty backroads but around town or on the freeway it came into its own. I have no doubt a well maintained 740 or 750 would happily cruise at 120 all day on the autobahn. Trouble is, even Germany's highway system is subject to gridlock these days.

My current ride is also a 2001 model year like this one. But it’s not a Bimmer, it’s a Jaguar XJR. Like all Jaguars, this car is designed to mimic an airplane fuselage, cozy inside but not cramped. The rounded sills and low-slung stance (53”) set it apart from the boxy German competition.

The XJR model's blown V8 and double-wishbone suspension will give this Bimmer a good spanking either off the line or in the twisties. And as for the looks? IMO it's no contest.

From my experience, older Bimmers are super expensive to maintain, even if like me you avoid dealer service departments and instead patronize honest, well-run independent BMW-only service centers. (Here in the Bay Area I recommend Bavarian Professionals.) But even they had to give me breath-taking maintenance bills.

When I purchased my Jaguar I spent a couple thousand remedying its issues (replacing plastic water pump and timing gear with factory metal parts, having the automatic transmission thoroughly cleaned out at 80k miles, and not much else). I’m in my eleventh year with this car and even at 156k miles it’s been Camry-reliable and cheap to maintain. And, I get compliments from complete strangers.

So, Doug, I wish you happiness with your favorite sedan but I do not envy you.
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The Bentley Arnage Is the Ultimate $30,000 Here's Why the 2001 BMW 7 Series Is the Best 2 days ago   24:31


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