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Robert "Rob" Jackson is a professor of biology and the Nicholas Chair of Global Environmental Change at the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University. His research involves the effect of humans on the earth, especially involving energy and land use and climate change. Jackson received his B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering at Rice University. He worked in the industry at the Dow Chemical Company for four years before receiving M.S. degrees in Ecology (1990) and Statistics (1992) and a Ph.D. in Ecology at Utah State University. He was a Department of Energy Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow for Global Change at Stanford University and an assistant professor at the University of Texas. In 1999, he became a part of Duke's faculty. He is currently Director of Duke's Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometry Laboratory and National Institute for Climate Change Research for the southeastern U.S., and has co-directed the Climate Change Policy Partnership. According to Thomas Reuters, Jackson is also among the top 0.5% of most cited scientific researchers.

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Dakota Lally
17:07 Yes, too often people identify problems with a procedure or practice and immediately condemn it. We can utilize ways to fix problems instead of just banning a practice altogether.
Epimetheus Titaneus
Alan Solomon
Mr. Jackson, Fracking is the WRONG path to take to energizing and fueling America today and in the future. Anything having to do with fossil fuels is WRONG in todays society. In your talk I just listened to on TEDx you said nothing about Environmental reviews regarding fossil fuel exploration, extraction and drilling or reducing and ruining Wildlife Habitat. The bottom line is and my impression of your TEDx talk foundation was based on greed and filling your pockets and people (if you can call them that) in the fossil fuel industries pockets. You cannot disguise it. The greed comes out your pores like alcohol in an alcoholic. Thanks for nothing.
John Laccohee-Joslin
This person is an outright lier, a really bad lier.
There is another video out on you tube which will show you places in America where people cannot drick the water, they have to purchase bottled water, their farms have been taken over with no compensation and are left there basically to keep the grass down, they cannot farm.
Here are some of the things found in the water from back out of these holes. Urainium THE WHOLE RANGE RIGHT UP TO WEAPONS GRADE, so it radio active, very radio active, a whole range of other chemicals of the same nature, the casing leaks are releasing huge amounts of tnis gas into the atmosphere which is five times more damaging to the atmosphere than co2 rivers streams have no life at all the fish apear dead on the top, unedable of course.
It is killing people big time, and America is doing its best to get Europe to buy gas from this method even though they have no pipeline or ships to carry such a huge amount of gas the Europe, and disregard the deadly effect it having on America as a whole.
Now the good news, THEY ARE DOING THIS IN AUSTRALIA TOO but keeping very quiet about it.
The reason he showed the gragh about cangerous leval is because there have been huge fires over in the states, where escaping gas heads have been hit by lightning, so guess what happens if your garage gets filled with this and you start your car up in there, you will be getting an arrial view of your home, if its still standing.
There are many court cases happening in America due to the damage this practice brings with it, and tne damage it does to the atmosphere as i say is far greater than co2, but we never here about this, why?
Susan BrittonSeyler
His science it out of date. It's 2018 and fracking has become a nightmare... methane is worse than coal, verifiable by EPA and causes earthquakes. This talk is how the fracking industry pushed itself on us.
Gary Lewis
he likes wind because when the wind is not blowing the natural gas generators start up to fill the gap. more wind more solar meens more natural gas
natasha mercer
If you crack open these rock underground to frack gas you are going to sink holes!!!
Carl Kane
Why are we using these extremely limited and very precious fossilized fuels, when renewable energy already exists? Tesla developed dams in the early 1900s to generate endless quantities of AC power. Charles Fritz, developed the first solar cell in 1883 and later perfected by Bell Labs in 1954. And so on. (For the record, nuclear energy is NOT a renewable power source, for it creates waste.) What's left of our fossil fuels should be capped and used only for an emergency from catastrophic events. Say from a massive volcanic irruption -- blanketing a cloud of suit across the earths sky's for a almost indefinite time. THEN WE HUMANS MIGHT WANT TO CONSIDER ITS USE. We ought not use that which is limited unless needed or it is wasted.
Hope Forpeace
The global methane industry is not the answer to climate change.
carlos torres
I'm sure you are not hurting financially.
John Kim
This presentation presents an outlay of the controversies and overview of the situations surrounding hydraulic fracking. Dr. Jackson correctly asserts how many factors are at play, the complaints have been the minority rather than norm, and how fracking is superior to many other sources of energy. He is also correct to point out how many correlations and causation critics try to associate with fracking are actually due to other causes. This is a great post.
3 little words rob Jackson...shame on u!countless Pennsylvania areas are recording massive amounts of bromide. Strontium....uranium (varieties of) sodium barium silica sands just to name a few. but I guess if u cherry pick the water you test its easy to present a few hundred examples.if youd bothered to go where the majority of wells are perhaps youd get better results seeing as the risk factors increase significantly as do the number of drilling sites..
Stacy Clarkson
Awesome the way forward,continuous improvement..
You all should google map east of Farmington NM and look at the infrared satellite shot of the massive methane plume. Then for kicks pan over to the my state CA near Kern county. Look at all those pretty pink chemical ponds totally unlined and allowed to evaporate and permeate on the ground only a few yards away from water wells pumping irrigation water for growing your food. Oh and the methane plume here is heating up. Maybe earth is suicidal....I encourage you to do independent research and use your own logic to weigh the pros and cons of this practice.
Linda West
LAME ASS!! candy coating the process... Not much you want to do is going to matter if you can't breath the air and drink the water.
Picture this on your roads...1000+ semi trucks hauling sand, chemicals and water per well, 6 millions gallons of precious water per well, 250+ undisclosed chemicals that come back up with water.  Managing this water is done by apathetic contract labor with barely a high school diploma. proper management of this water is costly. Truck drivers get paid per load, Water contamination fines are super cheap compared to the cost to manage the contaminated water. Cost of doing business... Common practice is unlined ponds, trucks dumping the load so they can get back for more sooner, The casings are not all perfect either they crack and fail and contaminate underground wells. California shale is much different geologically.out shale is not a neat tidy layered cake...Ours is marbled and full of vertical cracks. We have seismic activity.  They will come, pillage and leave and then say you can't prove the condition your air and water is in is due to our activity.
In Kern Co they filmed an unlined pond. The fine? just $40,000. One drill bit they use costs more. what a joke. 3,000 wells would use enough water to drain all our local water source. His little sing song voice makes me sick.
He doesn't oppose fracking because the alternatives seem worse and nobody is telling him where the energy will come from otherwise. I guess it's laudable to be pragmatic, but I find this to be too unambitious. I think a big part of the solution of climate change is to consume and use less, not different. Also, all investments that go into fossil fuels are investments that could have gone into renewables. His closing note, saying he believes "we'll solve climate change in at most 25 years time" also contradicts of what you hear most climate researches say, which is that if we stopped emitting greenhouse gases today, the effects of the momentum built up in the atmosphere today alone would already cause the temperature to go up by 2-3 degrees celcius by the end of the century.
Yadkin and Davie county's in NC will start mapping for what type energy we have oil/gas and how much we have in ,Jan,Feb,March 2015....We are very excited,the economy has been awful since 2000,time to grow jobs and and incomes...:) Let the good times roll!!
Maybe the best thing would be to not try to get this gas in the first place
I am racking my brain to come up with a more scary way to F-up our country, but I can't top this.
Mike P
I enjoyed the presentation! :)
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TEDxNASA - Bruce Wielicki - Climate Fracking and the Future of Gas: Rob Jackson 2 days ago   17:22

Clouds affect the energy Earth receives, keeps and emits back to space --
it's all a matter of balance. Dr. Bruce Wielicki is senior scientist for Earth
science at NASA's Langley Research Center. His research has focused on
clouds and their role in Earth's radiative energy balance for more than 25
years. He served as principal investigator on NASA's CERES science team
and as co-investigator on the CALIPSO missions. NASA is now gearing up
for a mission to compile the most accurate climate data ever. Dr. Wielicki
is Mission Scientist for CLARREO which will provide accurate, credible
and tested climate records that lay the groundwork for decisions on
policies that address the effects of climate change on society.

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In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)