My Abusive Work Story A Gamergirl In An All Animal School • GLMM 1 day ago   09:34

Another Wolfychu storytime! The story of my abusive work place, my worst job ever.

Check out my last story time video too!

Thank you to SweetoTOONS for editing ;w;

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The story of the worst job I ever had.
Thank you guys as always for all of your support, I have a lot more story time videos coming soon!
Emma Laerke Larsen
you poor tin *hugs*
Glossy!and trips
Then be tough stop being a baby
I love your voice and how you act i find it adorable your boyfriend is a great singer to (throwing that out there)
Fluffy Bullets
Dana Yi
Is okay Wolfychu your boyfriend got you
Cookie Yt
Plz Stahp
Take off name pin and poke everyone
kawaii bubble tea
I seen luni
Lemony._peach UwU
(Ik im late hehe...) if anyone hurts you ima hunt em down and yeet em!!! You’re the most adorable smol bean don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!!!
TheMightyJohnnie med
Im really mad
🌺i would get out of my chair and tell her to stop yelling at u and then help u get a new job with nice ppl🌺
April Guerra
Is this olivegarden
Joshua Tomlinson
I don’t have problems with my job I work at chick-fil-a in Doral FL
Gacha Lin
Wow luni's part of the video
Alaina Michelle
I saw luni....anyone else
Staring into the sunset.
How dare I remind him that he had to work at his job
0:03 Luna from gacha life
Summer Wu
Can u do a face reveal !!! We wouldn’t make fun of it !!!how every u look I think it will still be pretty no matter what!!!even though some people don’t like u I will still like u and most of the people (maybe)I know u are shy and I am too but there is more than being pretty in life !!!nobody is perfect!!!!i think your boyfriend love u as u are !!! U have been inspired me to draw for so long so plzz some like my comment!!!THANK YOU !!!!AND REMEMBER THE WORDS I SAY !!!!LoVE YOu WOlFYCHU
Ami si me hacen eso o veo que se lo hacen a alguien me las agarro c:
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A Gamergirl In An All Animal School • GLMM My Abusive Work Story 1 day ago   08:45

I might've reached my goal to have a 8 minute long video! 😁😁