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This video shows the results of the first five years of research on the Sand Motor. The development of the coast near the Sand Motor is helping to widen the coastal zone and it is progressing as planned. A dynamic nature area has been created. In addition, the Sand Motor has clearly resulted in an area with considerable value for leisure activities that was not present previously. In terms of the design and the process, the concept of the Sand Motor is a tool that fits in with the Dutch strategy of maintaining the coast with sand. In addition, the Sand Motor has given an impetus to national knowledge development and it is an internationally renowned icon of innovation.

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Andrew Murphy
I'm from Norfolk and was a bit surprised by that bit at the end. Erosion is a huge problem in Norfolk but I had no idea they were planning a sand motor here.
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Beach Morphodynamics The Sand Motor Five years 1 day ago   12:00

Educational video regarding beach morphodynamics, such as long shore drift, erosion and accretion. Presented in this video are the various ways that humans have dealt with these processes and the effects of our efforts.

This is a short video I created for my marine ecological processes class.