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A thoughtful reflection on the high points of Gordon Brown's political career.

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Jack Walker
Simpler times, Gordon may have been a wooden PM but was a great guy who wasn't necessarily a bad leader, UK wouldn't be at a dead end right now if we never elected that pig molester into 10 Downing St!
Eees a peece of big sheet
Ewan McFadyen
Brown had to put up with a lot of abuse from media companies owned by billionaires. Not as much as Ed Miliband and nowhere near as much as Jeremy Corbyn who gets it all day every day. But even if you disagree politically, they all deserve a medal for putting up with it. A normal person couldn't do that.
Peter Green
He called someone a bigot,failed to go through with an election that would have taken Labour in office up to 2012 at least,didn't hold the promised Nice Treaty referendum and took Labour down to a record low of 16% in a national election. Should NEVER have been made PM. There wasn't even a contest FFS. What a pity Corbyn didn't throw his hat in the ring back then.
Fo Reel
That's right, mock him. Mock the last Labour PM, I love it!
Every time he smiled an angel dies
Evan Bernard
looking back he was a good pm. much better than his bullshiter predessor and psychopath succesors
Odd man
g brown, g brown!
Alan Mcinnes
would be funny if he was not responsible for the misery that he created. a mumbling halfwit of a man.
Michael Muldowney
My favourite is Frankie Boyle saying the George Bush doesn't know who Gordon Brown is thinking its Tony Blair having put on weight and had a mild stroke.
Gordon the clown! F cked pensions and sold the gold!
James Sweeney
Very good prime minister and a nice normal guy he has been missed
jimmy golding
The biggest cunt ever to run the uk. What a proper masterbating jerk. Hope he dies of a horrific accident
Lone Wolf
Worst Prime Minister ever. Still, what do you expect from Labour?
Brown actually done a lot to help the least well off. Working Tax Credits, winter fuel allowances, Sure Start, bus passes etc etc.
Its just a shame he's a paedophile with a silly smile.
Ning Shan
I agree, Brown was not an outstanding PM, but nor was he as bad as the Murdoch press made him out to be...

He had the misfortune to be targeted by their BS
saving the world eh??? save us your smile Gordon you gimp
Battle Droid - 14
I think he failed because he was such an idiot....
A nasty fucking robot
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Have I Got News For You - Boris Johnson' Gordon Brown's best funny 1 day ago   03:09

Boris is challenged on his knowledge of Torry leader at the time, Iain Duncan Smith