Top 10 Anime Fashion Disasters (ft. Top 10 Memorable TV Couples of 2018 1 day ago   10:33

Top 10 Anime Fashion Disasters (ft. Todd Haberkorn)
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Look they're not here for their fashion sense. For this list we're joined by legendary voice actor, Todd Haberkorn, to countdown the worst outfits in series like Gurren Lagann, Dragon Ball Super, My Hero Academia, Fairy Tail, DMMD (Dramatical Murder Mystery), Zodiac Wars, Buso Renkin, Sailor Moon, Bleach, and more! Be on the look out for characters like Bentham (Mr. 2, Bon Clay), Sawyer, and Charloutte Culhorne!

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10. Koushaku Chouno
9. Noiz
8. Viral
7. Minoru Mineta
6. Universe 11
5. Hurlder
4. Usagi
3, 2, 1: ???

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I gotta agree with Todd on number one that was one of if not the most disturbing and freaky moments in all of Bleach. Someone please pass the eyebleach I beg of you!!! And yet I have to ask myself what was he thinking with number three. I mean Fairy Tail isn't exactly short on colorful characters and I mean that literally. Any yet out of all that weirdness he picks out Racer as the greatest fashion disaster. I mean this is the anime that gave us the freakin jiggle butt gang and he picks Racer for the worst dressed list he must be going either blind or senile!!!!!!!
Miacoloada weeeb.cooom
TrApS ArE DrOp DeAd GoUrGes!
Eric McPhatter
6:28 Todd Haberkorn: “It’s like Ken Kaneki suddenly took up a job as a stripper.”
Me: That’s probably because Kaneki watched too much Magic Mike.
Miranda Pelletier
nah fam the pride trooper outfits are dope and vic actually dresses super cool in real life and has a nice sense of style lol i met him at a con once and was in awe at his beauty tbh
Winter and the Ghost

It's an awesome video you made.
Aiden Frost
Todd I'll see u in the next con u at and I'll ask u about your college years
niijima vs jirin sounds like the funniest scene I can think of coming from super
y'all gonna throw my boy noiz. it's okay to be wrong.
Friendly Villain
I’m predicting that this is going to be a mene
Tori Chan
Nah, they are just becoming marie antoinette lol
Fairy Girl
Todd totally trolled Vic lol
Fairy Girl
I love FT but fashion isn’t exactly racer’s strong suit lol
Fairy Girl
“The dark grape rises” 😂😂😂!
Fairy Girl
Also, Todd looked hot AF in that one shot!
Fairy Girl
Yesss lol
Dearreon Jackson
This video is lazy. They just picked random characters.
Yes Dragon ball..... Universe 11 has some weird fashion
I would guess that Charlotte is supposed to be a play off how a lot of shows portray women, especially in fighting or magical girls shows. ridiculous armor that wouldn't protect anything, clothes that are just not suited to fight in, all the poses. It just reminds me of the Hawkeye Project, where people take the ridiculous poses girls are drawn in and the awful costumes in comics, the ones that are supposedly "empowering" and "strong", and they draw male heroes doing the pose (sometimes in the clothes) to show how dumb a pose it really is and how anatomy doesn't actually work that way. It's usually with Hawkeye, because in the comics he's a very goofy funny guy, and 6'3" (taller than Steve), and would be all about it. Charlotte seems like the same kind of thing, take all the ridiculous things that make no sense and put it on a giant, huge muscled, dude. With him they even included a lot of traits that are forced on anime girls.
Noiz...really? I didn't think it looked half bad, quirky perhaps, but not a fashion disaster. At least his colour coordination is top notch
Just had to put a burn on Vic in there huh lol
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3, 2 & 1???

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