Lee Perry - the lion dub VIBRONICS - Deep Roots Dub - dub reggae 3 months ago   03:30

A Great Tune from the Dubmaster For The Best Roots Reggae Compilation of Youtube (over 10 hours of Irie tunes): https://ai-tube.com/videoai/SVCIUckf6HL No copyright infringement intended! If you are the owner of the song and you want me te remove it, please contact me and I WILL remove the video within 24 hours.

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Don Goliath
love this riddem

It's On The return of the Super Ape, The Original Super Ape and on his Apeology
from witch album is that?
't Polder Cannabis Olie team
The particular fake one, you mentioned, is of the JA label.I guess so that to compare might be the best answer here.
't Polder Cannabis Olie team
The particular fake, you so thoroughly eager filtered out is of the JA label. I think it was a annoying waste time.
alright but serious Upsetter fans usually get the original ones even though the quality might not be perfect. I had fun discussing with you.
't Polder Cannabis Olie team
Okay, well, you talk, I stick with results.
@TerrierBram: "Their stuff is not seen as quality among LSPers." and you describe yourself to be among those? In that case I've seen more serious Upsetter fans than you.
't Polder Cannabis Olie team
By the way JA is known for bad releases, and releases rip offs. Their stuff is not seen as quality among LSPers.
't Polder Cannabis Olie team
Upsetters: 14 Dub Blackboard Jungle is the name, and the label is Upsetter. And was the first Dub album ever. However, 300 copies were released.
I know for sure that you can not name the band, nor the album on which many of the 14 Dub Black Board Jungle songs originals was first released.
CORRECT tracklist:
Side A
Black Panta
V/S Panta Rock
Khasha Macka
Elephant Rock
African Skank
Dreamland Skank
Jungle Jim
Drum Rock
Dub Organizer
Lovers Skank
Mooving Skank
Apeman Skank
Jungle Fever
Kaya Skank
@TerrierBram: "right version of Black Board Jungle version".
The original one came on Upsetter JA label and its called "BLACKBOARD JUNGLE" without the "dub" part in the album title.
't Polder Cannabis Olie team
Don't you think you're annoying, I have stuff there which is unique for bloody YouTube. I am the only one who has a right version of Black Board Jungle version ... almost impossible to get. And what's your feedback "Skanking with the upsetter ... yaadiyaadi. I rather learn something of your channel content, can I? Empty buckets sound hard!
I'm talking about you don't recognize Lee Perry stuff... for example the song from "Skanking with the Upsetter". when I said "you can't say that" I thought you were talking about this song being a dub song... (I was tired of reading your text)
't Polder Cannabis Olie team
You might at my channel, because you didn't heard no Lee Perry Dub at all, if you don't know the material I upload.
@TerrierBram: you can't say that... especially when you have hard time recognizing Lee Perry dubs.
't Polder Cannabis Olie team
Well, the point is absolute freedom in music, not the way Dub evolved and the technology that came available that made it possible. Yes, King Tubby start to make none vocal versions, and that was called Dub. Lee Perry took that and pushed it beyond compare ... defined it at something in which you can do anything ... vocal, none vocal, sound effects ... set the studio on fire and try to record that. Perry redefined Dub by taking the dubs from the cuts and rocket them out of the atmosphere.
@TerrierBram: this is vocalwise not dubwise.
't Polder Cannabis Olie team
In Dub one can do anything ... However, the title "The Lion". Return of the Super Ape is beyond Dub, for sure this is true for the title song.
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VIBRONICS - Deep Roots Dub - dub reggae Lee Perry - the lion dub 3 months ago   05:21

A track taken from the double vinyl album by Vibronics called "Dubliftment" which was released in 2004 on the Zion Train's Universal Egg label.

This is seriously heavy digi-dub album that is played by all the UK sounds systems like Aba-Shanti, Jah Shaka and Iration Steppas.

Just as accessible on headphones as it is on the dancefloor, "Dubliftment" is a shining example of contemporary dub.

The vinyl album has long been deleted but you can still get it on cd or download.

UPDATE October 2010. Yes, just wanted to say BIG thanks to all those who have viewed this tune and made it so popular and to those who have left comments, and to Vibronics themselves for writing such an awesome tune. Peace and love.