UNBOXING a $5000 DIAMOND Fortnite WARHEADS SPRAY CHALLENGE! | Would 1 day ago   12:06

Guava Juice
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Pete Aparico
Pete Aparico
Daira Rodriguez
Dowii Kelly
I like marshmallow mask
Laney Robertson
Hype, floss, orange Justice
YouDone Ops
I love fornight
Dariux 12
PewDiePi e
He actually looked like something marshmello world do
PewDiePi e
Apex is dead now
XxRocketing GamersxX
Guava Juice: (Knocks on pickaxe)
Me: Who's there?
Guava Juice: Wait, somebody lives inside the pickaxe?!
Phillip Williams
shoot floss ornge justice take the l
phoenix xz
hype floss orange justice take the L fresh
xxAlex gamer
1st (hype) 2st (floss) 3rd (orange justice 4 ( i think it is called take the L) idk the last one :P
Blue Blocks
Hype, floss, orange justice, take the l, keep it fresh
Abdulla Hasrath Hatthu

alex Smith
I play apex and fortnite
Muhammad Ehan Baig
haaaa whats whatch theres a master
Brendan Weber
2 the floss 3 is orangejustice
Just be quiet apex legend sucks
Hype ,floss, orange justice, take the L and fresh
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WARHEADS SPRAY CHALLENGE! | Would UNBOXING a $5000 DIAMOND Fortnite 1 day ago   14:26

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