Rising Ocean Temperatures are "Cooking" The Colorado River - A National Disaster 5 months ago   02:53

National Geographic
Oceans are acidifying at a rate faster than any time in the last 300 million years. This year, we've seen the most drastic and damaging coral bleaching event in recent history - and it's attributable to warmer, more acidic oceans. It's time to take bigger steps to reduce our impact on the ocean's ability to restore itself.
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Rising Ocean Temperatures are "Cooking" Coral Reefs | National Geographic

National Geographic

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Raves And curry
Well that video switched from utter despair to compounding assurance and belief that the Paris Agreement will resolve all environmental issues. I think I'll just sit back with a beer in hand, knowing now government across the globe have everything under control. What a relief :)
vinny the pooh
2019 anyone lmao hey
Alan Heath
Welcome to soylant green get ready to learn how to lasso obese they woddle fast and maybe stay in packs for protection but if they trip they have problems getting up again
Australian Patriot
the Beautiful Australia I grew up in only Fifty years ago has been destroyed by foreign corporations ,Traitor politician's and mass moron breeder third world migration ....Australia now is dying dramatically both ecologically and socially....Two Thirds of the Great Barrier Reef has die in Three years ! And the Mass Australian human herd just go on breeding ,destroying nature and mindlessly consuming.. while the false idols keep the lie going
Joshua Cox
poor see creatre nd koral
Adam Farkas
Adam Farkas
save the reef
Joshua Cox
2016 the hottest year globally ever recorded.
Gosh if here wasn't enough to wake the world up to how bad It's got..then we're doomed, but thankfully action is being accelerated now to recover from this horrifying damage.
Ik damage has been done..but Earth can heal over time and life will flourish in the natural world like it once did, again
German Pabalinas Jr
Dapat hindi natin sirain ang corals
Is it any surprise that the oceans are toxic and too hot and killing everything in it. The ozone layer is rotting away and the sun is boiling the oceans, then there are decades of industrial pollution dumped into the oceans to poison the water, and if that is not bad enough... then you have over 1.5 MILLION TONS of radio active NUCLEAR WASTE constantly being dumped in the ocean by Japan, from the nuclear reactors destroyed by the 2011 tsunami. So yeah, oh how sad for the little turtles... OH! Quick, the Kardashians are on TV, I have to go! (Peoples priorities are seriously F***ed up!)
Raaghav G.R.
The Paris agreement is not legally binding.
Kayla Dailey
using this video for my project for school
Gu uh huuuuh
Thomas Palumbo
🙏🙏🙏for the all coral reefs
OMG. Such a big impact.
Ray Barker
could fukoshima have contributed to this
Ornery Oh
Donald Trump's a fucking idiot for pulling the US out of the Paris Climate Accord.
Ano Nymous
We will kill the nature on this planet and with that we will kill ourselves as well... unless we stop now!
Alexander Kirchoff
this vid is helpful
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The Colorado River - A National Disaster Rising Ocean Temperatures are "Cooking" 5 months ago   06:03

www.ClearWaterProject.us seeks to preserve the PALO VERDE LAGOON, an ancient tributary to the Colorado River now abandoned by government agencies. This fully narrated video explains how their neglect has caused a major migratory corridor for numerous bird species to become polluted and overgrown by salt cedar, Arundo donax and Phragmites. These invasive plants have replaced quality native habitat mesquite, cottonwood and willows that once existed along the river.