42 Thought-Provoking Photographs From Historical Researches Were Looking For Years, 4 months ago   10:41

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42 Thought-Provoking Photographs From Historical Archives You've Never Seen Before. Check this Amazing Rear seen Historical photos
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Julian Wills
Too slow, awful fading in and out - really irritating, captions too fast. Poorly edited
Okay the written description in the fore ground is too big.
charles madison
Captions in white boxes obscure about 20% of each photo, plus the nonsensical fade-to-black make this a truly *AWFUL* video.
Joep Kortekaas
5:01 Not geishas, but maikos (length of sleeves - geishas have short sleeves).
boo! sboo
you cut pic off bugs me cant watch
Kim Conrad
Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh , just show the fuckin pictures !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wanted to, but couldn't watch the entire video. Just too annoying.
George T Peppel
Ugh! The fade out and in! Stop!
Herta Schneider
4:15 native, nothing to do with India.
Dorien Clifford
Brush up your English!
Larry Mead
Fading is just annoying
Chuck S
80% of time wasted. Much better to show the photo and the text at the same time. On my computer, the right arrow key skips a few seconds forward. I used that a lot.
Harry Hepworth
boring as hell
It's a shame that at 9:58, for just an instant, you can see that half of the wing of that aircraft is missing and the only comment is, "Troops during the war sought the prestige of air combat blah blah blah". The real story of that photograph is that, during a raid on Chichi Jima, a south Pacific island held by the Japanese, 2 of our aircraft collided. One crashed and all hands were lost.The other had all but the pilot bail out. Just before it crashed the pilot regained control and flew it back to his ship, where he made a successful ditching and was recovered. The crew that bailed out were captured by the Japanese and their fate is uncertain.THAT is the story you should have told instead of covering up the most interesting part of the picture with a lame, generic statement.
G r a h a m
ok that was annoying. to bad looked like interesting photo's.
Radio Wales
Several months ago people were ripping this awful composition apart and it's still awful. Happy to sit back and let the cents keep on rolling in eh?
Here take a negative for awful long-suffering fades, negative zooms, too short exposure of the photos to even get a clean pause with and god-awful music.
All-in-all a very poor show done by someone who clearly doesn't give a toss about what people think of his (woeful) skills at editing and copy-writing. (Rear presumable should read Rare or even better, Rarely)
Jimmy Kraktov
Have you been locked in a cellar all your life? *Never seen before??* Many of these have been in Life Magazine and I've seen all but a couple of them. Long before the internet. Stop using bullshit titles as clickbait.
John Smith
Fading out the pics was irritating
Dale Slover
Excellent photos.
Mike Burkholder
I've seen quite a few of these.
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Researches Were Looking For Years, 42 Thought-Provoking Photographs From Historical 4 months ago   09:16

The ocean covers 80% of our world, and humans have only explored 5 percent of the entire world’s water. Considering that for centuries travel by water was our primary mode of transportation over long distances, it’s reasonable to assume there are hundreds, maybe thousands of interesting things, treasures, and creatures that lie undiscovered in the vast expanse of the oceans. Several amazing discoveries have already been made, here are some of the best.

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