Johnny Massacre – Beastman Blitz Caravan Palace - Lone Digger 1 day ago   04:14

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Johnny Massacre returns with a remixed Savlonic song from his new album. Check out the links below for more info.

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Sanchez Boi
I wonder how many people laughed at him
Jessiey 404
Furries XD
Seleen Shadowpaw
Johnny massacre is one of those people that seem to age backwards. I swear he looked a lot older 7 years ago xDD
Fathan597verɪfɪed ̇
This is super cringy why :(
im not sure how I feel about this, I prefer your pure savlonic goodness. remixes are okay but...I gotta say I was listening to a playlist of salvonic and then this came on and it was made me pull it up and see if it had been somehow changed from savlonic. it doesn't mesh in my head. I understand a ton of work went into this and I approve that someone worked hard on it but, I just don't feel that same almost euphoric reaction I get from Savlonic music from this. still hope I get to hear more savlonic soon though
The song's decent but I don't think it belongs in the Savlonic playlist. Like, I get it's a remix... though, actually, it sounds more like its own thing with bits of Savlonic stuff sampled. And yeah, the video definitely doesn't belong alongside the rest of it.
Pale Godwit
I gotta say I love this it just took time to grow on me, hope you keep up the good work Mr.Massacre
im not gonna lie he looks like hypersninja
Seleen Shadowpaw
this seriously confuses me.
Also, johnny is a furry confirmed :D?
Artemis Logic
i enjoyed it more than i didnt, but there is something i dont like about it, and i cant put my finger on it,

the music and animation were both not up to the usual standard
Honestly, this could be something amazing if the song wasn’t so basic and repetitive.
I saw this get edited live, good work!
Zero Nevermore
Why the hell does this only have 19k views?!
Is this band really falling apart?
Aqua Orange
You are brill at editing
So glad Johnny Massacre grew out of the edgy little shit phase...oh....never mind.
I know its a remix or something of that sort but it really fails to feel Sav you know?
the headless stickman
Lmao those people thought you was crazy while you were dancin and fightin
Oupzii The Killah
Wish this was another viral hit or something
This is definitely different from the regular and a interesting premise but sadly i dont enjoy the mix that well.
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Caravan Palace - Lone Digger Johnny Massacre – Beastman Blitz 1 day ago   02:51


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Assistant Director: Jérémie Balais
Art Director: Double Ninja
Animation: Jérémie Balais and Jeff le Bars
Illustration: Jérémie Balais
Editing: Thomas Vernay

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