Golden Features - Falling Out Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler 2 days ago   03:41

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*Indie pop collides with a touch of French house as the enigmatic masked producer Golden Features returns with another ridiculous tune,*
*released to critical acclaim earlier last year on Warner Music. Think Bob Moses meets Justice and you’re bascially there.*
*This Melbourne based producer is definitely one to watch if you’re not already. Enjoy your Sunday :)*
Amarillo O
I feel some Simian Mobile Disco vibes in here. Amazing sound.
Arlen 3301
Erik Kührmann
Amazing work! Who also loves this track?
sabina lagowska
Polacy ? 🤔
I kinda like it ya know
Fire beat
Yes yes, This is exactly what my ears need ❤👌🎶🎶🎶
Cristian rojas
Harry Stokes
Saw him 3 weeks ago absolute legend. 🇦🇺
Đức Bùi
Wtf is this shit?!? I came here to listen to "House" not... THIS!!
Really powerful vocals, well done!
Hip hop best
awesome track! i love too much the beat!
Marine Description
Madeon vibes
Sanchez Bashir
A banger
Prod. Jxmz
Amazing vibes 🔥🔥
Sebastian Alm
God damn!
james price
Well this one hit me good and thank you for opening my ears to this one
Okay it's disgusting how much I like this song after just one listen. Wow, soo good!
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Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler Golden Features - Falling Out 2 days ago   03:44

Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler - you were good to me (Lyrics)

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Lyrics -
Lyin' isn't better than silence
Floatin', but I feel like I'm dyin'

Still, no matter where I go
At the end of every road
You were good to me
You were good to me, yeah
I know it's easier to run
After everything I've done
You were good to me
You were good to me

You were good to me
You were good to me

Leavin' isn't better than tryin'
Growin', but I'm just growin' tired

Now I'm worried for my soul
And I'm still scared of growin' old
You were good to me
You were good to me, yeah
And I'm so used to lettin' go
But I don't wanna be alone
You were good to me
You were good to me, yeah, oh

God only knows where our fears go
Hearts I've broke, now my tears flow
You'll see that I'm sorry
'Cause you were good to me
You were good to me

And now I'm closin' every door
'Cause I'm sick of wantin' more
You were good to me
You were good to me, yeah
Swear I'm different than before
I won't hurt you anymore
'Cause you were good to me

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