Watch Theresa May give her speech Theresa May: Speech to the UN General 1 day ago   1:24:28

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Miss Sarah Ashplant
I firmly believe that Jeremy Corbyn will be our next PM. It will happen when pigs start flying. Can't wait!
Tim Hunt
Once a cock all ways a lying .
Tim Hunt
Time for a out right remainer revolution, bring the uk to a shop and let them know over half the uk say no to the lie and ruined .no future government run by selfish fools,
Tim Hunt
The U.K. Is returning to the sick man of Europe, this dump ass with the big voice has tax money of shore,
Brewsterboy 1234
Nice speech mrs may better than crorbyns spend debt spend debt
Roy bob
Her daddy was a nonce and I bet she will always be his whore
Roy bob
Sovereign People not you bunch of fucking pedophile cunts
Verdens Salt
Well, nothing fell down, she only coughed a little bit. So, a great success, I suppose.
porsche 911
You wiil be out from eu in 6 month,Problem fix for eu
No more drama ,people in eu
Are tired from this
Who promise trade deal?
1vs 27?
British And proud
The tories are done the majority of UK citizens can see this party for what it is a party of self-serving uncaring money driven capitalistic racist narrow-minded fools the revolution is here thanks to social media and the internet people can do there own research on anything and do not believe the bias MSM.
But that's ok because we have Jeremy Corbyn our PM in waiting a true leader who will bring in a new socialist society for the many, not new labour but true labour #wearecorbyn
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Theresa May: Speech to the UN General Watch Theresa May give her speech 1 day ago   21:26