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Want The Truth About Baja | Top 10 Travel Scams In Mexico [ Tourist - At Ai-Tube.com

Want the Truth About Baja Top 10 Travel Scams in Mexico [ Tourist 2 days ago   10:04

The News Tells you TO BE AFRAID OF BAJA MEXICO! Baja Mexico is a dangerous place! You would be crazy to travel to Baja Mexico. Who do you believe? Even your friends tell you not to go to Baja Mexico...but how many of them have been here lately? Would the Media LIE TO YOU ABOUT BAJA MEXICO? Are our friends telling you the truth? IF you are READY for the truth and want to see the Baja Mexico that I have lived in for the last 6 years then watch this video.

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Looks like a walled off chunk of coast filled with old people from this video.
Why are all videos about Cabo filmed like they were from the 1990s but Bali and Thailand videos were actually filmed properly
Luis Raya
The politics and high living expenses of the usa definitely take a toll on people
Francisco Rodriguez
Mr Gordon. That's why mx is in love with you. I been in the Millers winery. Wonderful people
I love baja!
James Stinett
Great food great people and the best off roading in the world,
Dreaming Of Being Free
It's already getting to expensive for use.!
Jesse Thomas
People still uploading low quality vids in 2018? Give me a break. You get a big fat thumbs down
ashleigh sarah
Is this really what Baja is like? This is only what a RESORT looks like! all these old men & women are like "we play golf, go to cocktail hour, swim etc. that is our daily routine!" Well only rich people! what i am trying to say is, this is not what Baja California Mexico is really like
Jaime Jiménez
Baja California baby... No Baja.
Federico Resendiz
Cuidado gobierno estupido no les valla apasar lo que con Texas, no sea que vengan muchos y después se quieran independizar, y luego anexar baja California alos grandiosos United States.
Joe Young
If people are afraid of Mexico let them be. More Mexico for the rest of us.
David Gonzalez
David Gonzalez
Jennifer Lee
can you live off of $1800 Canadian in Baja comfortably? Any tips on bringing your own furniture car etc across the border? I don't like basement suite or apartments as I am noise sensitive. are there other more private accommodations that are safe?
Jennifer Lee
I want to move to Mexico. My brother lives in Peurto Vallarta but it's a bit noisy there for me and so far to drive. Seems like an overwhelming task. Baja is pretty close to the USA. How far of a drive from the border so you are far enough away from Tijuana where it's safer? I am from Canada and will drive my cats and furniture, car down. Are there safe places a little bit out of town where I can have a garden? What are the prices for a 1 bedroom house, suite etc?
Ellen Croteau
"They'll endure you"--- ringing endorsement....!
Viva Tijuana kabrones.....
I was going to go to Baja until I saw this video
Jim Freed
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Top 10 Travel Scams in Mexico [ Tourist Want the Truth About Baja 2 days ago   04:49

Top 10 List of Travel Scams in Mexico... knowledge is power! Know before you go......
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Scams are not unique to Mexico - anywhere you travel, you can be the target of a tourist scam and Mexico is no exception. The best thing you can do is make sure you know what to look for, use common sense and be careful. If you do that, chacnes are really good you'll never be the victim and you can enjoy this beautiful country for everything that it has.

The Mexico Minute brings you the real truth and answers to your questions about Mexico by someone who lives there and knows the real deal. When Steve Didier was planning his move to Mexico, he found it nearly impossible to find accurate information about anything Mexico related. So after having lived in Mexico for several years, he decided to get all the answers to people's Mexico questions in one YouTube channel - one source to get the real truth, with no media sensationalism or BS.

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Whether you are planing a vacation, extended stay or just want to move to Mexico for good - this is your source for 100% true, unbiased and accurate information about all things Mexico. Leave any questions in the comments and I will answer them personally.

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