Mom Still Unsure of What Creature Teen Mail Boat Jumpers 1 day ago   02:05

Inside Edition
The mom whose security camera captured creepy footage of what appears to be Dobby the house elf from the "Harry Potter" series told Inside Edition she's still freaked out by the video. The footage has social media in overdrive speculating what the creature is. Mom Vivian Gomez told Inside Edition that she's "not sure" what it is. Asked whether it could be her 9-year-old son Bobby, Gomez replied, "I wouldn't let him out at dark by himself."

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LaughYou Out
Master as presented dobby with clothes dobby is free
Logan Percy
It looks like a drunk person who looks like he wants to escape
Amelie C.
Dude I’m sorry it was a low moment for me 😔
Princess Bria Peea
Sorry, my son goes bananas at night.
iWaffleX •
Can you replay the clip one more time? I didn’t see it the first 887 times
Kiki the Dork
This is me, walking back to the Target Bathroom to re-wipe my ass.
Sarah the great
Dobby is saaaad
Mohd Mawiz
Oh sorry it was just me practicing my zany moves.
Abdullah Ashour
With the legs doing that that's not normal
forest bear l
Looks like it walk from inside I have a feeling this woman's playing a hoax
Adrianna hernandez
This is me walking back in to the target bathroom to re wipe my ass
Wigan warriors Kid
It’s the chicken dance from Fortnite
Wigan warriors Kid
It’s some one with a winter hat on
Kro uk
Oh that's just how my parents see me don't worry
Ivanneth Suyin
its a puppet
Nelsen Caspersen
After doby being set free he didnt know how to act
Kaylan Saavédra
It was probably her son pulling a prank while his mom was asleep 😂
Reid Gaming
Ok this legit scared the diarrhea out of me
Gabriel Sanchez
It could be a Allen
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Teen Mail Boat Jumpers Mom Still Unsure of What Creature 1 day ago   01:32

Rain or shine won’t keep these mail jumpers from their appointed rounds. Each year a bunch of high school seniors try out as mail jumpers on Wisconsin's Lake Geneva and it may be the best summer job ever. The challenge is to dash to the mailbox and race back to the boat before it pulls away. The boat slows down but never stops so you have to be quick. In order to get a job, tryouts are required and each employee must wear a life vest.