In full: ITV and Jeremy Kyle bosses Terry Christian: ITV to blame for Jeremy 1 day ago   3:24:54

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Live: ITV and Jeremy Kyle bosses give evidence to MPs at the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee as part of an inquiry into reality TV following the death of a guest who appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show.

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Why hasn’t Jeremy Kyle been brought in front of this board? He’s an absolute disgrace.
Donna Archer
The producer's are handsome
Donna Archer
No one is the blame for someone's death you fool's. Ban love island it's a trashy show and not worth paying my TV licence for.
Clare M
ha! this is so juicy watchin em get proper called out
They spent ages discussing the accuracy rate of the lie detector tests and the main guy said they didn’t know. I’m pretty sure Jez Kez consistently said it was 97% accurate so how come nobody has flagged that?
where is JK?
Bob Willis
Why are they not questioning KYLE ! 😡
jeremy kyle= VILE RAW SEWAGE "show" kyle = ODIOUS OBNOXIOUS ASSHO*LE ARROGANT PIG good FCK Riddance jeremy kyle every "show" UGLY SMELLY street thrash trousered "women" OBESE CREEPY "men" & Kyle WORSE still. LOVE ISLAND harmless beautiful people flirting only RETARDED MORONS or sodomists want to cancel Love Island
Uncle scrooge
Art Deco
Internal Reviews lol always end up with ''we did nothing wrong as our paid mate said so''
Take a shot every time he says “100% accurate”, mortal in no time

But on a serious note, just answer the bloody question
Art Deco
So they wriggle to defend the shitshow.......but it's so bad they won't be bring it or Kyle back lol. Kyle be robbing his wife now as he did with first one.
The Hot Christmas Angel
I think there should be a Steve Dymond day set. Just like there is a Stephen Lawrence day.

I don't get how Jeremy Kyle can sleep at night.
The Hot Christmas Angel
Steve Dymond was probably telling the truth. This show is disgusting. Steve is a saint.

They flat out admit the lie detector tests are not 100% accurate. So for all we know, they could be just 20% accurate.
matthew mcdermott
Thank goodness this happened!!
Zoe Little
I just don’t get why Jeremy wasn’t there if it was about HIS show??
martin duffy
STAY OFF our television screens kyle
Theodora Bundy
wow they are not prepared
Kiwi NZ
What a gutless wonder Jeremy Kyle is for not giving evidence. Fuckin Asshole.
lucy Llewellyn
I don't like the woman with the blue blouse she has no emotion on her face and is stubborn and not listening.
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Terry Christian: ITV to blame for Jeremy In full: ITV and Jeremy Kyle bosses 1 day ago   08:11

The Jeremy Kyle Show has been permanently cancelled after a guest reportedly took his own life.

:: Anyone feeling emotionally distressed or suicidal can call Samaritans for help on 116 123 or email in the UK.

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